windows 7 install and ahci mode switch


I have windows 7 installed. My MOBO is configured for IDE because I didn't know that I wanted AHCI when I first installed.

I have an SSD to use with intel's rapid recall technology.

I am at the point where I'm ready to reinstall the OS.

I tried switching to AHCI in the bios then booting from CD, but it seems like it's trying to boot the old windows settings. What I want it to do is run setup, format the drive and reinstall windows fresh.

When I change to AHCI and try to boot, windows hangs during the startup routine.
I cand switch back to IDE mode and it works again. I can run setup and reinstall windows from windows, where it copies the old install to "window old", but I don't think that I want this. I want all the old junk gone.

Should I just format the drive first from windows?
What would happen if I formatted the drive that windows is on, from windows?

What I have now:
40 gb ssd called C: with windows 7 on it.
D: = traditional HDD 250 gB with data on it (backed up and valuables removed)
G: = storage drive 500 gb which should stay in tact.

What I want:
Windows 7 installed on the old D: drive, changed to be called C:
The SSD blank for caching with intel's rapid thing.
G: as it was.

The only reason that I want the new OS drive called C: is because I've had trouble installing some software to drive letters named something else. I want everything to look as standard as possible to software that's coming in. Had a lot of trouble with my Autodesk software. Part of the reason I'm reinstalling is because I messed some stuff up while on the phone with support.

Thanks for any ideas.

For setting up Intel's SRT you need to follow this guide

You install the OS on the "C: Drive" your old "D:" Drive.. though you will need to ensure nothing you require is on that drive as it will be wiped off all partitions when you are enabling "Raid" That part is the only confusing part about the above guide.. (picking the correct HD to install the OS)

You also dont really setup a RAID drive under the Intel SATA Option ROM (unless you actually did want a RAID) BUT the SRT requires the Single Drive to be in RAID mode as the SRT is essentially a "quasi-raid"