Fundox - previously Wordsteal, previously Wordox

Anybody play this game?

I found out about it loooong ago, maybe even 10yrs, and have since been looking for it. Finally found it, it's on a french site (but it's in English, weird), and requires something called "Microsoft Silverlight" to be installed.

I did it anyway. This game is way too much fun.

It's basically Scrabble with a punch. You place words, each letter is 1 point. Then the next player must place another word, and in the process, stealing the letters the others previously used, thus, stealing their points. It's incredibly fun.

Anyone know about this game? Anyone interested? I really love it, but sadly, the game allows these words that I don't really think are words. Anyhow, I'd love to play this with goodjers, if anyone's interested and likes word games. I was always a fan of Scrabble, so this immediately hooked me.

EDIT: forgot the link, hehehe. Here goes:

Fun fact: Hydrox actually pre-dated Oreo.