Help: 35mm negatives - need developing

I was rummaging through some boxes and found some old 35mm negatives from 20 or so years ago. I'd love to get them developed (actually, just put online or on a CD) but trying to find out the best way to get this done. I brought them to CVS but because it is professional film (??) they can't do it. They showed me new film that doesn't have the feeding hole things on the top and bottom. This is what the film looks like


For easy keep it was cut and each negative strip contains 4-5 pictures each. I heard that Walgreens does same day but 24 exposures is $10.99. I've got roughly 150 pictures I want to try to get so that's going to cost me a LOT of money. I'd like to try to keep it cheaper if possible. I've heard snapfish does developing but I'm concerned that it's not one large roll of film but a lot of smaller sections. Unfortunately my father's darkroom is long gone so I can't even try to get these done myself.

Clark Color does mail order. They do decent work.

You could get a negative scanner and get them directly only on to your computer... Then you could send the scanner to me as I have a similar problem but would actually like to still use this old camera :p just developing the film is frustrating in this day and age.


Blotto, I ended up going to Walgreens and getting the images directly to a CD. Cost me around $5-$6. It's late and I've already forgotten the price