Blah to screen tearing

I want to run Windows 7. I don't want to upgrade to 8 again! However, i can't figure out my screen tearing issue and for some magical reason had no problems in Win 8. Long story short I just reinstalled Win7 on a new SSD. Vsync on, off, it doesn't matter. I've tried all I can find in CCC and still have screen tearing.


ATI Radeon 6950
Viewsonic VZ2702w (27")
Reporting: Max reported resolution 1920x1080, Maximum reported refresh rate 75 Hz

Someone help so I can keep my lovely desktop and start button

EDIT: Problem solved, turns out I'm an idiot. I had the screen choice set to "extend" so it was hitting my TV as one monitor and my PC as another. Changing it to the monitor only fixed the problem. Thanks for all your guys help!

In game or out of game on the desktop?

I can't find specifications on that monitor offhand. Are you driving it at 75Hz? You might want to try locking it at 60Hz, that might fix the problem.

And, as Scratched is saying, is this a systemwide problem, or just in games?

Noticing it in youtube as well as in games. Didn't try much else last night as it's a new install.