Gaming's Legacy -or- "Where I'm From"

There is so much that makes me into the gamer I am today. I'm retrospective and introspective by nature, which led me to creating this thread. While I could never account for all my gaming legacy, I offer a snippet of my history with a nod to George Ella Lyon (

I am from a Macintosh SE,
Boot disk in one drive, Dark Castle in the other.
I am from forbidden consoles
Only Atari 2600 allowed.
I'm from Space Invaders and Yars Revenge,
From game-sized paper-wrapped gifts,
From brotherly fights over cartridge and controller.

I am from Tiger Handhelds,
From birthday trips to Shopko
And an LCD Paperboy.

I am from homemade Zelda maps,
Crumpled for authenticity.
From Mario Strategy Guides, Infinite 1-ups,
And sick-day 9-world marathons.

I am from sleepless sleepovers,
From squinting eyes and cramped hands,
From Pipe Dream and Gauntlet until sunrise.

I am from mouse look and custom key-binds.
From typist-centric ESDF controls.

I am from an under-played Wii,
Bought for novelty,
Now merely a video streamer.

I am from a Groom’s Gift Gaming Rig,
From my Orange Box day-one purchase,
Both Curtasy of my wife--
My hobby-supporting wife.

What about you? Where are you from?