Kaijudo (TCG)


Just wanted to see if any other "grown-ups" were playing this. It's somewhat of a reboot of Duel Masters, and is Wizards of the Coast's latest TCG geared towards a young audience (backed by a cartoon series on the Hub network).

I had been looking for a card game for my 7 year old son that we could play together. Magic, at least anything beyond the basic set, seemed to be a bit too complicated for him, as was Yu-Gi-Oh. We tried Pokemon awhile back, but neither of us really liked the game. Recently, a new local gaming shop opened in my area, and the owner there recommended this for us to try next. We've been playing it for a couple of weeks now, and having an absolute blast.

Being very familiar with Magic myself, it was really easy to jump into, with most of the basic mechanics being the same, if a bit simplified. One of the most interesting mechanics to me so far has been how they handle life. There's no life total, as in Magic and most other games, but rather at the beginning of the game, you take the top five cards of your deck and put them face down in front of you. These represent your shield cards. Whenever one of your opponent's creatures manages to get through unblocked, they pick one of your shields to destroy and if you have no shields left they win the game. The kicker here though is that when a shield is broken, that card either goes to your hand or activates instantly as a special effect (called a shield blast, as indicated on the card.) This mechanic works out really well, as the more you "damage" your opponent and get closer to victory, the greater card advantage they get, often tipping the balance in their favor and giving them a good chance at a comeback.

The best part of the game so far though is that my son was able to quickly pick it up and play it with me, and the fun he's having alone compels me to recommend it to anyone else in a similar situation. Beyond that though, I think I might be getting into it even more than he is....which I'm not sure if I should be worried about or not.

For anyone interested in trying it, the website linked above has an online free version of the game where you can play unlockable theme decks against AI opponents, just like MTG Duel of the Planeswalkers.