Torrent with the GWJ podcast archive?

Has there ever been a torrent of the podcast archives? Itunes only has the last 15 or so episodes. I've really been getting into the podcast to listen to at work, and I've gone through them in the last few days.

Edit: Sorry, forgot to specify using a torrent instead of going through the archives manually.

Not sure about a torrent with every episode, but on this site there seem to be active links to download each one.

Start here:

I haven't tried any of the old ones lately, but worth a try!

There's currently about 40 episodes that don't have a home, but the rest are all there! Gonna find a place for those at some point.

I was hoping for a torrent to save a few hundred clicks, but thank you.

As a fairly new listener, a complete archive of all episodes would be really amazing. I realize this requires work and time (possibly money) and might not be all that desired a feature - but I thought I'd add on here as someone who is going through all available episodes from the past 10 years (and loving the new take on some of the games I missed and a nostalgic look back at my favorites from long ago.)