Best Practical Movie FX

My partner and I are considering adding to our demo reel for the makeup/practical SFX business we run on the side, and we're brainstorming ideas. I thought I'd out source to you guys. So the question is...what are your favorite make up and practical special effects of all time?

Video to get things rolling!

Start at 1:02 on this clip:

The ones that come to mind for me.

The Thing (Kurt Russel version of course)
The Fly (Goldblum version of course)
Gremlin 1 and 2

Vega wrote:

Gremlin 1 and 2

Haven't seen them.

I also have a huge weakness for miniature work, which may be out of your remit.

The LOTR practical effects (#6) from this article. Actually, everything from the article.

The Stuff about 18,000 hobbit feet being made... I mean, madness.

Gremlin ...hahaha, i don't think I can aspire to that in my demo!

There's a ton of really great makeup and creature effects in Hellboy 2.

Alien is my go-to standard for practical effects. (With the exception of that terrible jump cut of Ian Holms' head on the table. That makes me flinch every time.)