Permanently changing font color when making revisions in PowerPoint

So I regularly need to edit PowerPoint docs prepared by my not-English speaking coworkers, and they would like me to highlight the changes I make. First of all screw you PowerPoint for not letting me highlight anything or track changes.

The best I can do is change the font color. But I have to change the font color every time I click into a new text box, as it otherwise reverts to the color of the textbox text.

Is there a way to fix the font to a certain color so that it will, for example, type in red even when I click on a text box filled with black text? Or am I stuck having to click the font color icon every time?

Been a while since I used PowerPoint, but can't you make a new master and change the color there? Then use the new master for your presentation and it should have whatever settings you set up in the master by default.

I would assume there has got to be a default text color you can change in the settings somewhere.

I'd find it but I don't have powerpoint at work right now.

edit: it looks like f4 or ctrl-y is repeat last action... So you can change the color once and then just hit f4 every time you want to change the font color

Maybe this is cross purpose, but wouldn't your coworkers then need to switch the font colors back before releasing the powerpoint?
If the purpose is to track changes you make my solution would be to export the original to a PDF and then annotate the changes you make on that file. Then save the notes.pdf file next to the PPT.
Why a PDF? So that it doesn't get confused with the (presumably) 'for release' PowerPoint doc.

Granted a bit more work for you, but on the flip side it is also easier to compare the two versions if they are trying to treat it as a learning experience for the non-English speakers.

I tried changing the font color in the slide master templates, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to change the default font color in text boxes. When I click in a text box I need to revise, it will always switch to which ever color the text box text is. Perhaps it is because they are using text boxes they have added, rather than the ones designated by the template?

Rezzy to your point, they do need to switch the color back, but they want to know what I've changed as they are merging my copy with other revisions coming from other people. It's all on a tight deadline so they're trying to make sure I'm not changing the meaning of anything (which happens sometimes if the English I'm revising is particularly poor). I edit them to make sure the English is up to snuff for the client, so it's not about helping my coworkers to improve their English--otherwise the PDF idea would be a good workaround.

Does this help?
I don't have MS office at home so I can't check.

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I've never used macros, but maybe set something up that detects when you open an existing document (rather than creating a new one); and record a macro that changes font and color when you're typing on field boxes everytime you add or overwrite text.

While PowerPoint does not support Track Changes, you can add comments as notes on top of the presentation. Maybe that's another way to point out mistakes or corrections?