The Classic Video Game Players Thread

Yeah, not sure. The controller looks pretty nice, the joystick not so much.

Sort of an unboxing/first impression more than a review, but their reaction is pretty meh seeming. He tries to be positive but he just seems very underwhelmed to me.

Veloxi wrote:

f*ck yes. One of my all-time favorites with the original artwork. I got choked up holding this one today.

... A-10 Tank Kill game image ...

Now I own physical copies of my favorite flight sims from that era: Megafortress, A-10, Tornado and TFX. Gonna eventually stream 'em all too.

Good pickup. My all-time favorite aircraft. A friend and I snuck into an air show just so I could climb inside one back in the early 90s. It was awesome.

I followed a guy's progress years ago on a forum who made an RC A-10 from scratch, enjoying his journey. It took over a year. That things was BIG. And he crashed it on its maiden flight. Oh, it hurt so much watching that video.


bepnewt wrote:

My all-time favorite aircraft. A friend and I snuck into an air show just so I could climb inside one back in the early 90s. It was awesome.

My favorite as well! I never climbed inside one, but I've seen several at airshows my own self. Such a wonderful machine.

So I downloaded Centipede Recharge on the XBox and my first impression.... it doesn't work. The title screen appears and it says to press the button displayed to start. The button is a green square.

Had so much fun streaming Megafortress yesterday I’ve scoured eBay for more sims from that era I wanna stream. I already have A-10 Tank Killer, Tornado, F-19, 1942: PAW and TFX, but I’ve got on the way A-10 Cuba, Super VGA Harrier, Flight of the Intruder, Gunship 2000, iF-16, and Air Power: Battle in the Skies (which is a Rowan sim I’d never even HEARD of until today) on the way. I’m really excited to expand my collection and stream all of these as well!

My wife and I took a road trip down to Waco and then back up through Fort Worth over Fall Break. Hit about 10 different games stores, but only came home with 5 new games, 3 of which were from the same store. I had been wanting to check out one of the stores for a while and it turned out to be kind of a disappointment. That was Game Over Videogames in Arlington. I would still like to check out some of their other locations but the Arlington one just didn't have much of the types of games I am into. The stores that were quite good were Special FX Video Game Exchange in Waco, Retro-Button Games in Fort Worth, and the best of the trip was Found It Electronics & Video Games in Watauga (north side of Fort Worth). Other than those I also stopped at an Entertainmart (a sister company to Vintage Stock and just as disappointing as Vintage Stock usually is) and a number of Game X Changes which were also disappointing for the most part. Also visited a store called Retro Madness in Fort Worth that had some games but was mostly a toy store.

Found It is hands down the best game store I have been to. They had tons of stuff, all the games were in protective bags with the price stickers placed so that they didn't cover up the labels, and they had a lot of staff which they needed because that place was insanely busy. I have seen Neo Geo games and systems for sale a few places and I have seen Master System games and systems for sale a few places, but this is the first place I have seen a Famicom Disk System and games for sale.

I ended up getting Race Drivin' and Vegas Stakes for $6 total (they were having a buy one get one sale and Race Drivin' was the only other good quality cartridge in the pile, I haven't decided if I will keep it or add it to my discard box). I also grabbed a copy of Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage, Lemmings 2, and Arcana. If the first store I visited had been the last store I probably would have gotten a copy of Soul Blazer as they had it for half the price as the last store did.