NCAA13 GWJ BCS League, Season I (360)

firesloth wrote:

Sorry this is taking us so long...funny time of year and sickness throughout my house have made scheduling a game difficult.

Middle of the holiday season, which is why I have absolutely no problem delaying the sim.

Season II will be under a tighter sim schedule
(I say that every year, lol)

I'm on now if you can get on.

Bill Bonney wrote:

I'm on now if you can get on.

Just saw this. I have a family activity from 1 to 6 pm. Anytime mid evening or now?

I'll be on in 15 min or so if you're around, Bill.

Bill – are you around tonight? I think I have a pretty clear evening, so name a time and let's knock this out!

I will get on now its 830pm

Hey, started watching a movie with the wife...can we do 9:30 or 9:45?

Bill, I'll be a few min late.

When can we try again, Bill? Tomorrow late (10 pm)?

firesloth wrote:

When can we try again, Bill? Tomorrow late (10 pm)?

I can do anytime next week 8-10pm est

Does that include tonight at 8:30?

Bill, what's tonight look like? Could you *start* at 10 pm or do you have to finish by then. I think I could start at 10 pm tonight. I maybe could do 9 pm if you can't start later.

I wanna get this knocked off so we can roll...if we can't get it in tonight or tomorrow, I say sim it.

See you at 9pm

I'm gonna' hop on a bit early, around 8:30 or so, if you are able to start earlier.

I will be ready to roll after you guys complete your game.

Kush, you bastard, what the hell did you do to my team??

I'm losing 3 players with eligibility to the draft, including my 90-rated QB, my 87-rated CB who returned 4 punts for TDs this year, and my 88-rated WR. Also, two promising youngsters are transferring, including a 78-rated sophomore OLB who is transferring to RUTGERS.

I call shenanigans.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm ready to advance.

LOL, that's too funny! I saw you had transfers, didn't realize they were going to Rutgers.

Everyone has 48 hours to take care of their own. Zellbrige is the only user that doesn't have transfers or players leaving early.

We're done. Bill wins 27-24 on a last sec FG. I thought I had a go ahead TD after going for it on 4th and goal from the 2, but came inches short. Bad time management on my part hurt, and Bill made me pay on an INT I threw with under 60 sex seconds left in the first half.

Great game, Bill. Very even.

EDIT: Stupid autocorrect.

I also appreciate that while I lost my bowl game, I came out of the bowl week ranked more highly than before the week.

wait...I have NO players leaving or wanting transfers? Thats awesome

You just have an s-load of seniors leaving

I am ready to roll and if you didn't see the 2 star league rolled last night as well!

By the way, Bill, that Hail Mary I threw and caught at the end of the first half...that was so close!! My guy caught it at about the 5 yard line, and his momentum/your player carried him out at about the 2 yard line...he almost had it!

That was a great play all around. For a minute it, I thought he scored. Great game Fire!

Recruiting begins again, Week 1. 3 days to get it in. After week 1, I will probably drop it down to every 2 days.

How is everyone doing on recruiting? I be happy to skip through to offseason. Or skip through all but week 1.

EDIT: Recruiting done for week 1. I only really have 2 more targets I'm after.

recruiting done
I do need someone Im after so let me get it in every week til he commits

to be honest I haven't looked. I think I can roll through with what I have there. So I am fine either way.

I just looked and if everyone else wants to fly by recruiting I am fine with that as well! I have 3 scholarships left and I am way ahead on 4 people.

I only have 5 scholarships left, an I'll probably nab 3 of those after we roll.

Are we just waiting on Bonney?