RIP Earl Weaver & Stan Musial


The notoriously feisty Hall of Fame manager died at age 82 on a Caribbean cruise associated with the Orioles, his marketing agent said Saturday.


RIP Earl, you silly bastard! The imfamous Earl Weaver's interview on Manager's Corner (NSFW)

WOW, Stan Musial passes away today too. A sad day for baseball fans everywhere

I'm a little surprised, but losing Stan has hit me pretty hard.
What a guy and what a life. He was a fixture of my history with the Cards and really embodied what it means to be a Cardinal, for me. There are just some things you can't get back, and all we can do is celebrate them.

Stan the Man is one of the baseball players I believe is historically underrated, along with Hank Aaron (no, really) and Fred McGriff.

Sad to see him go.

Taking my wife to work this morning I saw the impromptu memorial at his statue in front of Busch Stadium. I would have gotten out to take some pics, but with wind gusts, six degrees this morning, and they have blockades up to prevent traffic issues with people slowing down in front of it.

But that statue was my introduction to Stan Musial. It's one of my earliest memories, as my dad brought me to a game, which included a stop at the statue and some obligatory stories of what he was like. In St. Louis, that statue is where friends meet when they come to the game.

I was just nine when my dad brought home a signed copy of Stan Musial: Then and Now, written by another legend in Bob Broeg, who is also a member of the HoF as a sportswriter. It was signed by Musial, Broeg, and Jack Buck for good measure.

The phrase I've seen in St. Louis print over and over the last few days is, "The greatest Cardinal of them all." St. Louis is a baseball city, through and through. It is such a sad day to lose not just an icon, but really, the icon of baseball in St. Louis.

Edit: Here's a photo from the Post-dispatch:


I might have to grab my daughter's 3DS and get a 3D pic of it, as well.


The Cards put out one of their little foldable schedules in 2009 (or maybe '10?) that had a list of 99 things that being a Cardinal was all about. Stan was on at least three that I remember, and one of those was 'Meet at Musial'.

Glad you were able to make it down, Jayhawker.