Dumb headset question

I have speakers running into my desktop via the green and pink jacks. Sometimes I'd like to use a headset instead. I'd prefer not to go digging around on the floor to switch out the speakers for the headset. What is the thing called that I could run both sets of cables to and put on my desk so I don't have to go crawling around?

See? I told you this was a dumb question. Thanks.

There's nothing on the front panel of the tower with green and pink inputs? That's weird.

Are there six analog inputs in the back panel? If that is the case, there may be another speaker out that's orangish (at least on mine). Then you could just switch back and forth via the Playback Devices panel. I'm sure there's some sort of switch you could buy on Newegg.

Your speakers don't have a headphone jack on them? Either way, what I did was run extension cable to my desk and I plug in headphones or speakers as necessary.