Hail published authors, a writer needs your advice!

Hello, writers who have published a book! I am in need of your advice on how to complete my copy and turn it into a potential book.

As a few of you may know, I have twin daughters. They are funny, and say funny things from time to time. Now I don't claim that they are any more or less interesting than anyone else's children - part of the universal joy of watching kids grow up is how they begin to explore their language in hilarious ways. But when they do say something funny, interesting or unique, I write it down. Every time. I have over 400 blurbs, quips, and insights from my girls.

For a while now, I thought they were just kind of a cute thing to share with my Facebook friends. I labelled them "Twinspeak", and would put that title before each quote.

For example:
Twinspeak - Anna (when describing her teacher): "She smells like meat and sadness."
Twinspeak - Rosa (on the potty): "This is serious business"
Twinspeak - Rosa "Daddy, can you help me?" "Ask your mother." "Mommy, can daddy help me?"

To be blunt, I thought they were mildly amusing enough to share, nothing more. I never took them seriously and had no intent on doing anything with them. However, everyone (and I do mean everyone) on my Facebook page continues to demand that I write a Twinspeak book. I've been on the fence about it for a few reasons (Don't have time, probably not worth the effort, not 100% comfortable with exploiting what my kids say for any commercial gain, outright anxiety and laziness, etc.), but at this point I figure, why the heck not?

Here's the problem I have: I have absolutely no idea how to take the next step. I basically have the blurbs and a few ideas on next steps, and that's really it. I DO have so many questions regarding next steps. Who should I contact next? Should I get an illustrator? How many Twinspeak quotes should I use? Should I put personal commentary behind each quote? Categorize them (food, daddy is an idiot, child wisdom etc.)? Who can I go to to get advice? Should I trademark Twinspeak?

I figured based on the collective genius around these parts, and (I'm assuming) there are a few writers and/or published authors here, I would ask these questions here.

Any, ANY advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have little to no advice, but if you got that jazz into an ebook format, I'd read the hell out of it. Sounds very amusing.

Regarding length, I've always found it helpful to write until you're done and then stop.

To be honest, this sounds like it'd make a better webpage or blog than a book. You could post one or two quotes a day and keep going as long as you like, and people could read as much or as little of it as they desire. If you have a backlog of 400 quotes then that should give you plenty of material to fall back on for those days when your twins fail to produce anything quote-worthy.

The project kind of reminds me of a website I saw a while back where a guy quoted "jokes" as told by his toddler.