NFL Playoff Bonanza Contest

I think any bet on this game is a sucker bet either way.

The way I see it, San Fran has the edge on both lines and linebackers, but Baltimore has the edge in most skill positions, Special Teams, and coaching. I like both teams a LOT, but I think if the game is at all close, the difference may come down to Akers vs. Tucker. And Akers has been anything but reliable this season.

It is a bit of a shame that they didn't keep Cundiff. That would have been a truly ironic story regardless of the outcome.

It's down to me and Shag right now.

Congratulations Kush!

Congratulations Kush and thanks for running it. I think I tied for 2nd despite having been out of it since the SEA v. ATL game, it was a fun contest and you made it easy to participate.

Thanks, I'll make sure I run this and the prop bets again next year. I will probably do the losers pool again as well.

Standings are now final, congrats to me.

I ran the Playoff Bonanza, the Super Bowl props, and took over the 2nd Loser Pool, and won all 3.

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Always the groomsman and never the groom. I blame Vernon Davis. Thanks for the contests.

*And meant to post in the Prop thread, but the sentiment still counts.

Grats Kush. Good on you, sir.