Why Peak Oil Threatens the International Monetary System


I think this is a much more nuanced view of the grave problems the US and the world faces. Like it says, we are probably very close to all of this finally unraveling with a multitude of triggers out there for it to begin. It is difficult to say how it will play out, but life won't be any easier, that's for certain. Most of this commentary stems from the works of Eric Janszen, so if you found this interesting, I would recommend going to iTulip.com to find more of his commentaries.

Everything I know agrees with what he's saying. He's coming from a little different angle than I usually do, but I think it's probably better than mine. And he's not really grasping (or at least not talking about) the powerful deflationary undertow from the massive unpayable debt load in the First World.

But, by and large, he's exactly correct. He's hit the nail on the head. It's not a question of if the present monetary system blows up, but when.

The parallels with climate change are quite striking -- dump enough heat (debt and printed money) into the system for long enough, and you eventually get chaotic destruction coming out the other side, but it can take a long time with nothing much apparently happening, as the system adapts and adapts and adapts, and finally cannot adapt anymore.

I don't get into it much but this is pretty much my basic outlook.

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