Stanford Le-Hope Festival Fundraising appeal. HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Dear Gamers With Jobs Community;

I have been a silent member of the network for a while and now the town of Stanford le-hope, Essex, England, UK needs my help.

I have taken the plunge into local community activism and I am casting aside social awkwardness in favour of the residents of my town by going to local meetings.

The Stanford le-hope festival is enjoyed by many people in my town and promotes local businesses. I was shocked to find out, on my first local meeting, that the festival is dying because the committee members cannot maintain it by themselves.

The amount of money they need is fairly minimal but the Hope Committee lack the resources to collect donations, although it might be a measure implemented soon, which is where the internet may be the salvation of a physical town.

UPDATE: Ugh. Cannot believe the misfortune. I do not recommend GoGetFunding as all of their projects are currently offline. In the mean time, please try...

All this change may seem peculiar but I can assure you it is all for the same cause and will be handled in the same way regardless of the situation.

I am asking for a small contribution from anybody willing to give. The Hope Committee reference target is £2000 -The overall total cost and not the donation target which is currently £350.

Every pound and dollar will matter and there is no such thing as a true target total here.

I know that we as a Gaming Community spend those few extra pounds, dollars or euros on cheap steam sales and abstaining from just one tempting deal to add to a Steam backlog while instead donating it will make a true difference to a real community of people.

Here is the website for the Hope Committee:

Thanks for your time. I pledge to upload proof when the festival will be over so that you can see your money putting a smile on people's faces.

If for some totally unforseen reason that the festival does not happen at all then I will donate the money to a charitable cause with proof to you, the Internet.

Kind Regards
Joshua Yeldham-Smith

P.S - I would love to hear feedback from readers.

Thread unlocked. As usual, folks can contribute or not as they like. I'm partial to bake sales myself.

Thank you. There will be bakesales and everything. If only e-cakes had been invented...

Hello. An update on this thread: 45 days later and absolutely nothing. I have seen quite a few people fund their own university education by using crowdsourcing.

Perhaps I should start being more selfish and tug on the heart-strings of people purely for my own benefit. Kind of depressing overall.

One of the websites still works but I have basically given up hope.

preciousgollum wrote:

I have seen quite a few people fund their own university education by using crowdsourcing.

But this isn't really 'crowdsourcing,' is it? It's stranger-sourcing.
This isn't an empathy failure, it's a marketing one. It's telling that not a single local logged their support for the online funding effort. How many locals would even know that there is an effort to collect these funds if asked? If it's as popular and necessary as you claim then opening the online effort to the other 12,000 residents should net you at least a few hits and may even spread to the neighboring areas once social networks start meshing.

Maybe try to coordinate with whoever was running the Festival/City Facebook page up until Feb 2012? The 2011 festival has a pretty comprehensive website, image gallery... and from the look of things the entire 'online' thing was abandoned just before the 2012 festival. Granted, I have an active imagination, but I'm envisioning an internal power-struggle that caused this sudden blackout. And as a newcomer to local politics it may behoove you to consider that 2k is a laughably small live/die threshold for a major festival. Even one put together by volunteers. That's a minor corporate sponsor or local business that wouldn't mind seeing their name on some official festival banners.