Help Kickstart My Friend's Prog-Rock Album

So I feel a bit weird asking people to extend a helping hand to my friend's band, but they are all really talented guys and I'd like to see something come of it. Unfortunately, they don't have the funds themselves to put the finishing touches on it, so they're turning to Kickstarter to get a hand.

They're progressive rock, but not in the hard-hitting sense for the most part (as far as I can tell. Most of what I heard sounds like their song How Wonderful). I'm not sure if their band itself is focused on Christian lyrics, though I know all the members are Christian and perform at a lot of Christian establishments. I figure I may as well be up front in case that would sway your opinion, but the fact that I'm not sure if the band's songs are Christian means it's not at least the obvious "Isn't God great? I like him, too" redundancy that is typical tiresome Christian rock (though an album name like The Lifeblood Psalm suggests it well enough).

You can view the Kickstarter page here.

You can hear some of their stuff here (How Wonderful and Airtight are, I imagine, what you would come to expect).

As this is a music thing I'm not expecting a huge "Oh shoot, GamersWithJobs just funded my friend's band" thing, but it's the best way I have of trying to give him assistance. If they get $100 out of GWJers I'll look at that as a success.


Thank you.