2012 Games of the Year Play-through Club

Now that Clocky has done her usual amazing job tabulating our community's top 10 list, let's get to playing!

The goals of this club are as follows:

1.) Get through some of these awesome games
2.) Talk about these awesome games
3.) Feel less bad about our piles =)

Here's how it will work:

Every week we'll play one of the games in the top 10, starting with #10 and working our way down, discussing the game the following week. However for the top 3, each will be given 2 weeks of time in between discussions both to give people time to catch up and because those top 3 games all seem to be a little longer. The whole process will take around 4 months.

If you don't have the game and don't want to buy it or you've already played it, feel free to post in here what you'll be playing instead (preferably from the list of hundreds of other games) so that others can play it as well and you'll have someone to discuss things with. Or use that time to finish something else on the list or to start creeping ahead =)

The emphasis here isn't on finishing the games. Rather, it's simply on getting some play time in with friends and getting a feel for them.

So go ahead and post your interest. I'll post a schedule and a beginning date later today but if you want to get started on Saint's Row the Third (2012's 2011 GOTY apparently), feel free.

The Discussion Dates (as of now):

1-13 at 8:30 EST Saints Row 3 - GWJ IRC Channel
1-17 Diablo 3
1-24 Mark of the Ninja
1-31 Borderlands 2
2-7 Journey
2-14 Dishonored
2-21 FTL
3-7 Mass Effect 3
3-21 XCOM
4-4 The Walking Dead

The first rule.. oh hell, I'll probably get in on this, I've got many/most of the top 10

You should probably repeat the list in the OP, oily.

I'm not participating for a couple reasons. The list itself is the easiest way to clear it up.

10. Saints Row 3 - Beat it last year.
9. Diablo 3 - Not sure if my laptop can run it, Blizzard won't let me get the trial on my accounts.
8. Mark of the Ninja - I have this and will play it.
7. Borderlands 2 - I was very, very disappointed with the first game and what I've played of the second did nothing to sway me.
6. Journey - I don't have a PS3 (...yet...)
5. Dishonored - On the pile
4. FTL - I have it, played two games, and eh. I can't see myself ever beating the rebel flagship, and I don't like the gameplay long enough to master it.
3. Mass Effect 3 - Beat it in March.
2. XCOM - Beat it in October.
1. The Walking Dead - Beat it in December.


I think maybe we should consider doing all of them on a two week schedule, or maybe deciding on a per game basis how long. FTL or Journey in a week? Easy. But games like Diablo 3 or Borderlands could be considered tight to complete even in a two week period.

I love the idea. I won't be able to commit enough time in a week that I would feel satisfied with it enough to discuss and move on- but I do love the idea.

10. Saints Row 3 - I bought it a few Steam sales ago. Haven't gotten around to it yet.
9. Diablo 3 - I played one character to level 24ish and got bored. Can't believe this made the list with the amount of scorn I heard heaped upon it by the community.
8. Mark of the Ninja - On my Steam wish list, but I'm not so keen on stealth games...
7. Borderlands 2 - The first was boring to me, and I'm not interested in the second.
6. Journey - Played this for the first time on New Year's Eve after Giant Bomb's mentions during their GOTY(.cx)(I know it's the wrong podcast) stuff convinced me to fork over the $15. As I said elsewhere, easily the most evocative game I've played in a long time. Not to spoil anything, but the ending sequence of climbing up and up... Joyous.
5. Dishonored - A few hours in... Very tempted to start cheating because I'm getting BORED.
4. FTL - Loved it. Still love it. Will continue to love it.
3. Mass Effect 3 - Beat it shortly after release. Not nearly so miffed as everyone else was by the ending. Exhausted by the endless shooting gallery gameplay. Still miss the RPGness of 1. Disappointed in the continued trend of reusing music from 1. Stories were otherwise good. Not interested in the DLC at all.
2. XCOM - Don't have it, and this style of game doesn't really seem like my kind of game, so it's going to have to wait until it's significantly discounted on Steam before I buy.
1. The Walking Dead - Played episode 1 last night... Maybe I haven't hit the big, hard decisions I keep hearing about yet, but nothing in episode 1 was shocking or affecting in the way everyone trumpets this game to be. I'd have to be way more invested in a character than I was allowed to get in episode 1 to feel anything like that.

I think I will semi-participate if no one objects. I will be skipping a lot of them for various reasons (no interest or not available on my gaming platform) but I would like to join in for some of them.

Here is how the list shakes down for me.

#10 Saints Row 3: No interest/hated the first two.
#9 Diablo 3: No interest plus PC game.
#8 Mark of the Ninja: I'm down.
#7 Borderlands 2: Probably won't play because I am kind of sick of it but might join the conversation.
#6 Journey: No PS3, if it was available for Xbox or even PC I would be so down.
#5 Dishonored: I'm down.
#4 FTL: PC only and not enough interest.
#3 Mass Effect 3: Love this game but not really interested in playing it again right now.
#2 XCOM: Not interested/hated it.
#1 The Walking Dead: Playing it right now and undomesticated equines couldn't stop me from finishing it.

What a fun idea. Count me in.

1-10 Saints Row 3 - Beat it and all the dlc, sold it. But will talk about it!
1-17 Diablo 3 - Puleeze! No console, no game.
1-24 Mark of the Ninja - I am in!
1-31 Borderlands 2 - When Randy Pitchford goes to sensitivity training (mysandry!) I will play.
2-7 Journey - Nah.
2-14 Dishonored - I am in!
2-21 FTL - I am in!
3-7 Mass Effect 3 - I am in!
3-21 XCOM - I am in!
4-4 The Walking Dead - Playing ep 5 tonight. Doubt i will be able to play again soon. It is incredible, but... difficult. Emotionally.

Sally, can we finish Halo by 1-31? neither one of us wants to play BL2, I think that's the substitution we make.

I posted a tentative schedule.

The reason for only allowing 2 weeks per game is that I'd like to run through the best of 2012 before we need to start on the best of 2013 =) Giving Diablo 3 two weeks... I'm willing to bet most anyone who wanted to play it already has. That leaves someone who doesn't have it need to shell out $60 in order to play. I'm dubious that there will be many takers on that (but then, I've been wrong before).

Plus I'm willing to be that a lot of us have already played some of these and can use those weeks for other games. I'm open to suggestions if someone wants to put forth a different schedule. I'd still like to wrap things up by early April, though.

Also, how do we want to handle discussion? In here, IRC, vent ?

Speaking of other games, I think this will be my personal schedule if anyone wants to partake with me:

10. Saints Row 3 - 1-10 - I'll reinstall and play some more but I'll be playing Farcry 3 most likely.
9. Diablo 3 - 1-17 - Been there, beat that. I'll play some MP with folks but I think this is my week for Syndicate.
8. Mark of the Ninja - 1-24
7. Borderlands 2 - 1-31 - As far as I know, this is just BL1 so I think I shall attempt a co-op run of Halo 4
6. Journey - 2-7 - I need to buy it but I'm excited.
5. Dishonored - 2-14 - I don't know if I'm getting this or not. I'll grab it if I can find it wicked cheap.
4. FTL - 2-21 - Played the hell out of this already, I shall play Hotline: Miami this week.
3. Mass Effect 3 - 3-7 - Not doing this again, already beat it and the next time I play ME will be a complete play-through with all the DLC of all 3 that I never played. Dark Souls for me.
2. XCOM - 3-21 - I still haven't touched MP so I'll try it but I think this is my week for Amalur? We'll see.
1. The Walking Dead - 4-4 - Like Mike, I'm only through Ep 1. Super excited to play all of these over the next few months.

My substitutions are all pending what everyone else is doing.

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that I've played so many on the GWJ top 10. I only had 2, I think, on the Giant Bomb top 10 and basically bought the others. Oh well, I still need to buy Journey =)

I'll also be playing Halo 4 co-op with SallyNasty starting next weekend if anyone wants to hang with us.

What I'm most excited about, I think, is comparing our Walking Dead games once we're all done.

Likewise on the semi-participation:

#10 Saints Row 3: I'll get in on this
#9 Diablo 3: No interest
#8 Mark of the Ninja: Woot
#7 Borderlands 2: Only have BL1, but I might play it a bit more.
#6 Journey: I'll give it another go-through
#5 Dishonored: Depends on whether my Gamersgate key comes through
#4 FTL: FTL=crack
#3 Mass Effect 3: Maybe do some multi, if people are interested
#2 XCOM: Probably won't be able to afford it
#1 The Walking Dead: Totes down for this

1-10 Saints Row 3 - I'm in. It'll give me a reason to go back and finish out the story.
1-17 Diablo 3 - I'm done with it. I might be interested in lurking in a discussion.
1-24 Mark of the Ninja - f*cking awesome game. Already 100%, but I'd play more and discuss.
1-31 Borderlands 2 - Zero interest.
2-7 Journey - I'm in.
2-14 Dishonored - It'll give me a reason to keep this from just sitting on the pile a year.
2-21 FTL - I'm in. I own it, but haven't launched it yet.
3-7 Mass Effect 3 - No interest once the series stopped being an RPG.
3-21 XCOM - Probably won't own this by March.
4-4 The Walking Dead - I'm in.

NSMike wrote:

...during their GOTY(.cx)(I know it's the wrong podcast)

No no, they should be stealing that any minute now.

oh man, i forgot about binary domain. Squee, switch weeks with that and bulletstorm and you'll have someone to talk to about it.

Just FYI, Oily, there are a bunch of us who semi-regularly play Syndicate on 360. It is probably the best co-op mission based game I have ever played. I like it better than Left 4 Dead. Basically, if you want to co-op that week - there are people with which to do this:)

And regarding Halo 4 - yah, if we try and do both Friday and Saturday night next weekend, we should have no problem finishing by end of month. Especially if both of our sets of girls go down early.

Also, I hope I have the patience to hold of on Dishonored until 2/14.

I'm in. I know I will not be able to play nearly enough to complete all of these games, but if I can at least tackle a chunk of each of them that'll be sufficient, right?

I've also beat a couple of them already, so that'll give me some breathing room when that title's time comes.

I'm in!

1-10 Saints Row 3 - I played hours and hours last year but never ended up beating the storyline. I'll jump back in and play more.
1-17 Diablo 3 - I beat the game once on normal and started agina on nightmare. I'd be down for multiplayer for this week.
1-24 Mark of the Ninja - I own this...this will be a good excuse to start it.
1-31 Borderlands 2 - I don't own this. I'll play Bulletstorm instead.
2-7 Journey - I don't own a Playstation. I'll play Binary Domain (played it once arleady but this time I own it) instead.
2-14 Dishonored - I don't own this, and I don't like stealth games. I'll put the Dyni-gifted Dark Souls PC Edition here instead.
2-21 FTL - I'll play more of this at any time, maybe more on normal.
3-7 Mass Effect 3 - I'll play the Leviathan DLC, and see the new ending.
3-21 XCOM - I'd love to try some multiplayer, and see if the main story/game play holds up a second time through.
4-4 The Walking Dead - I've finished EP3, time to finish the last two!

oilypenguin wrote:

oh man, i forgot about binary domain. Squee, switch weeks with that and bulletstorm and you'll have someone to talk to about it.

There will be more people (just you) free during Journey week than BL2 week?

Switched them anyway based on my trust for you alone, and made my list more bold. Also added Dark Souls.

How will the discussion part work? I'm down for a vent or other voip filled server of chaos. That's my natural habitat anyway.

I can double up and play Journey that week as well. Or get it done sooner.

@Sally: unless it's a console exclusive, I'm going to play on PC (and I already own it on there). Though if I could find people to co-op syndicate with, that would be outstanding.

As for how to discuss it, I kind of want to use IRC since it's quiet and we'd have a running log. But if we want to use vent, then np. We still have a few days to figure it out.

So... anyone have anything to say about SR:The Third?

I've watched gameplay of it. Looks insane. But awesome. I've only played the first one, and that was on the 360. I hear that the series has swung as far as it possibly can away from being serious.

...which is not a bad thing.

It is absolutely insane and totally worth getting. Look for it to be on sale again on Steam since today may be the last day of the steam sale.

I step in to the imported Italian dress shoes of a well-muscled bald bank robber voice acted by Jason Statham. A friend gets kidnapped, I sign some autographs for the civilians caught in the crossfire, and instigate a hot pursuit.

I'm on a plane. The hot girl I'm emotionally invested in gets tossed out the door. I strap on a parachute and go out with her. Some goons follow without a second thought. During freefall I shoot them in the face, repeatedly. I defy physics to catch up to the girl, grab her, and open the parachute. The asshat in the plane decides to loop around and ram me with the jet, so I do the logical thing and release the chute in order to drop kick my way through the plane's windshield. I fly through the body of the jet and out the tail, punching some dude I hate in the face on my way by. POWER by Kanye West is blasting through my speakers. Free once more, I grab the girl and ride her and her/my chute down to the penthouse of a ritzy apartment filled with people I need to shoot. Then the first mission of Saints Row The Third begins.

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

oilypenguin wrote:

It is absolutely insane and totally worth getting. Look for it to be on sale again on Steam since today may be the last day of the steam sale.

Oh I know. I got it during the Steam summer sale. I've not played it though, so I was looking for some enabling to finally install it so I can play it alongside other Goodjers.

Heck, would it be worthwhile to set up a Steam chatroom so if we are all playing one of these titles at the same time we can discuss it? I think that'd be fun. Sorta like a text-only Gears and Beers, or the Goodjer Boardgame Night.

I totally forgot how much fun Saints Row is, I logged a few hours of it tonight. I may keep playing that instead of Farcry since I haven't beaten it yet.

Journey is 2.5 hours, tops. With babies, that's not as easy, but it's still pretty easy. You can definitely fit both in.

I'm interested in this since most of these games are on my list already

1-10 Saint's Row 3 - Really not my thing at all so I'll probably just stick to playing Epic Mickey 2 instead.

1-17 Diablo III - I've already beaten this with a Witch Doctor (I know it's probably sacrilege for this game, but I'm not terribly interested in higher difficulty levels), but I did want to try it with a different class. Maybe I'll start a Wizard playthrough.

1-24 Mark of the Ninja - This game looked neat, although I'm terrible at stealth games. I'll either try it out or stick to playing Ni no Kuni, which I think is out at this time.

1-31 Borderlands 2 - Good reason to work on finishing this game with Maya. So I can start the DLC and another playthrough with Gaige.

2-7 Journey - Replaying Journey is never wrong.

2-14 Dishonored - I've been quite curious about this game. It might turn out to be totally not my sort of thing, but I'd be interested in giving it a try.

2-21 FTL - Yes, I've been dying to play this one!

3-7 Mass Effect 3 - I've been wanting to play Mass Effect, but I want to build up my character from the beginning. So instead of ME3 I will pick up the trilogy pack and start the original Mass Effect.

3-21 Xcom - I'm somewhat curious but I think this will be too difficult for me. Not sure.

4-4 The Walking Dead - Zombie games aren't my thing but according to basically everyone this is so much more than a zombie game. I will definitely try this but I'm out if it gives me nightmares!

oilypenguin wrote:

I totally forgot how much fun Saints Row is, I logged a few hours of it tonight.

I never really have been able to play more than an hour or so of Saints Row for whatever reason. Today I think I put in about 6 hours straight. Holy crap what a butt load of stupid fun I'm having with this game. Stupid, stupid fun. So far the best character I've run into is Zimos.

Okay, enough typing--back to playing.

I think I'm in for.... SR3, Diablo 3, Journey, FTL, and Borderlands 2. Those are either games I played last year and would like to revisit (Journey, D3) or are things I was going to play this year anyways.

So, I'm in for SR3 since that's what I'm currently playing anyway As for the rest:

1-10 Saints Row 3

1-17 Diablo 3 Sleeping Dogs for me instead. Played through Normal and Nightmare on D3, so I can still contribute to the conversation, but I'll be playing something else that week

1-24 Mark of the Ninja
1-31 Borderlands 2
2-7 Journey Legend of Grimrock Beat Journey already, so I'll plan on something else this week.
2-14 Dishonored
2-21 FTL
3-7 Mass Effect 3 Burned through that game earlier last year, so will probably concentrate on playing XCOM
3-21 XCOM
4-4 The Walking Dead Wrapped up all the episodes, so I'll just hop on the conversation. Not sure what I'll be playing by this time.

I think it's funny how, after reinstalling Saint's Row and playing for a few hours, I basically want nothing to do with Farcry 3 until we can talk about Saint's Row =)

oilypenguin wrote:

I think it's funny how, after reinstalling Saint's Row and playing for a few hours, I basically want nothing to do with Farcry 3 until we can talk about Saint's Row =)

Is that because SR3 is so good?

I've got it reinstalling while I'm at work today and I should be rolling through play through two starting tonight!

I guess the location of the discussion will be IRC with some people breaking off to vent if they want. What's the time? I'm suggesting 9 PM EST soe fun that children can be notionally put to bed and our west coasters can get in on the fun. I suspect the discussion will last for at least an hour, maybe more depending on when people cycle in and out.