Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts Steam Key


I am new to these forums but have been an avid listener of the GWJ conference call for a good while now. I thought about putting this on the steam forums but I thought I'd give someone on here first refusal as it seems like a good mature gaming community (which is a rare thing in my experience). I'm not sure this is on the right board, but it is about a game so....:)

Right, I have a steam key for Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts and wanted to do a trade, since I already own the game, and everyone I know has it, or wouldn't play it. Since there has been a big sale recently there's a good chance everyone already has it but if not I would be looking for a trade. I haven't really got a particular game in mind, but I guess as long as I don't already have it then I'll give it a whirl, and because of the bundle sales etc recently I figured that there's bound to be people who bought bundles that contains games they already own.

So, I'm open to offers, obviously I'm not looking for a £40/$60 game, because that would be silly, but I saw games like GTA 3/VC/SA for £1.50 and Doom 3 for £5 on steam so something like that would be ideal.

My username on steam is the same as here. I'm not sure how steam works with viewing other peoples games libraries, so if I need to put up a list that I have I will do, if not make me an offer!


You'll find much more help in this thread here:

Also, welcome!

Ahh balls!! Didn't see that thread! Ill just copy my post over to that thread then, can you close this one please?

Thanks for the help!