MLB 2K13 - Baseball on the 360 is back!


It looks like it will be a basic port of last year's game, but I will take it. Personally, I found last year's game to be pretty awesome, even if it lacked the polish of The Show.

There Will Be Baseball on the Xbox 360; Major League Baseball 2K13 Returns

2K Sports surprised everyone with its announcement this morning that MLB 2K13 will release this year on Xbox 360. Pitcher David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays is the cover star. The game will be on shelves March 5.

2K Sports' MLB 2K series, long a money-loser and critical underperformer, was widely expected to be retired after 2K Sports' semi-exclusive pact with Major League Baseball expired at the end of this year. In a statement, Jason Argent, the 2K Sports vice president of marketing, thanked "our league partners for their support in helping us reach an agreement to bring back MLB 2K."

The language suggests that the deal was renewed at terms much more favorable to 2K Sports, and likely not under any kind of exclusive arrangement.

Of course they wouldn't allow us to just pay $20 to update rosters. Doesn't mean I won't stop suggesting it. (They would save money on production costs, though.)

I'm skeptical and excited at the same time.

It's nice to see that there will be a MLB option on the Xbox this spring, but I can't imagine they've been working on the game this whole time when a renewal of the MLB deal was uncertain.

That said, I'm with wordsmythe: Update rosters, schedules, uniforms and logos, move the Astros to the AL West, patch some of the issues from 2K12, and release it for $19.99 or $29.99. Heck, bundle it with NBA 2K13 (which they did last year) and release the bundle at $39.99 (since NBA 2K13 will have already been out for 5 months).

Hopefully, we'll get some details sooner rather than later, but I can't see paying $59.99, or even $49.99, for a game that's basically 2K12 + 8 weeks of additional development.

wordsmythe wrote:

Of course they wouldn't allow us to just pay $20 to update rosters. Doesn't mean I won't stop suggesting it. (They would save money on production costs, though.)

Oh, they aren't doing much more than exactly what you suggested. I expect 2K12 with new rosters, schedules and Houston in the AL. And they are going to charge $60 for it.

I'm a sucker and will pay it, but I expect a ton of people to balk.

This game is only happening because MLB is basically paying 2K to get a game on the shelves. My guess is the MLB decided that no game on the dominant North American console was a bad thing.

As much a fan of the MLB 2K series as I've been, there is NO WAY I am paying $60 for this "patch." $20 is the absolute most I would pay if that. This is nothing but a slap in the face of customers...

To emphisize how little work is going into this, here are the features 2K has released.

Total Control Pitching & Hitting - The original analog pitching and hitting controls remain the benchmark. Unmatched control and realism allow you to feel the action on both sides of the plate.

My Player - Experience the journey from Minor Leagues to MLB stardom. Choose your path, customize your player and work your way to the top.

MLB Today - Take the field in an authentic environment pulled from the real life MLB season. Featuring the latest rosters & lineups, and relevant commentary & stats overlays.

MLB Today Season - Play through the full 2013 MLB season, one day at a time. Real results combine with yours, allowing you to compete directly with real life MLB teams.

Dynamic Tendencies - Player performance fluctuates dynamically as player ratings update from pitch to pitch and at-bat to at-bat.

Inside Edge & Stats Inc. - Strategize for each at-bat with authentic scouting reports and data from Inside Edge & Stats Inc.

Franchise - Championship teams are built in the front office, and crowned on the field. Can you master both sides of the ball and build a dynasty?

Postseason - Relive the 2012 Postseason, or customize your own bracket and crown a new champion.

Home Run Derby - Go head to head with MLB’s greatest power hitters in a classic Derby format.

Every single one is from last year. And 2K let MLB Today die, as it stopped updating late in the season. MLB Today used to be good during the playoffs, but 2K made it clear they had already walked away from the franchise.

As I said, I'm a big fan of the game, and I'm excited to get a version with current schedules and Houston in the AL. I'm not thrilled with the $60 price tag, but I will have spent worse money. But I'm not going into this expecting anything else but what amounts to what should have been $20 for DLC.

I was going to pick it up, but since I just got 3 new games for XMas, coupling the fact I really never played 2K12 much (I don't think I have 1 achievement yet), I may just wait until the price goes down.

I'm torn on this.

I was very sad last year when it was revealed that the MLB 2k franchise might be dead. So with them reviving it, I'd like to support the franchise to encourage future development to keep it going.

However, I don't like paying full price for a game that's merely a re-release of the previous entry with some data updates that, as others have noted, should be either a discount release or a simple DLC update.

It would be ideal, I think, if they switched to an every-other-year schedule for releasing a new entry of MLB2k with updates, additional gameplay, etc; and on the "off" year they just release DLC for data updates to bring the most recent release up to date for the new season.

I'm leaning more towards buying this release than not, but am rather conflicted about it.

I'm not necessarily discouraged by the feature list being identical to 2K12. The feature set was fine last year, and I'd rather them pour whatever development time they have (or had) into improving the game that already exists.

If this is nothing more than a roster update and schedule update, I'll be disappointed.

But, if they were (or are) able to put some time into improving the gameplay a bit and tuning the engine, I could definitely see purchasing this at a reasonable price (i.e., under $40).

Selling this for $60 is an insult. They are not doing $60 worth of improvements, not by a country mile. 2K made a ton of fans when they introduced NFL 2K5 for $20 and it was a new game. I think it actually outsold Madden that year! But now they have gone totally over to the dark side. I have long since stopped drinking the kool-aid of developers who seem to think they are doing me a favor in releasing these games. They come up to my standards or my money is staying in my pocket.

Not much of a debate which way I'm leaning with this nonsense, and that is all it is... nonsense.

Well I'm disappointed. I was hoping, as was mentioned in the last part of last years thread, that the folks who made MVP (or whatever that last, great baseball game was prior to 2K's taking the franchise). Looks like MLB was asking for too much or whatever. Anyway, I played mostly 2K last year year in 'My Player'. But it looks like I'm just going to get the new 'Show' and just play that this season (and try to really get into 'Diamond Dynasty'.)

I'll not pay full price for what is essentially a patch and new season rosters/schedule).

All the talk about 2K13 made me pull MLB 2K12 off the shelf. I started a new franchise as the Royals, held a fantasy draft, make some trades, and now I'm working my way through a few Spring Training games.

I have to say that, with the sliders tweaked a bit, MLB 2K12 plays a pretty reasonable game of baseball. In other words, I'm having F-U-N and not feeling the slightest temptation to throw my controller at the screen.

I'm not sure having an updated roster and the Astros in the AL West is enough to get me to drop $60, unless there are other substantive improvements to the game. Plus, some folks over at Operation Sports are working on a 2013 roster for 2K12 (first version is already out), so there's even less reason to buy 2K13.

I would assume EA realized that investing in the 360 version in what looks like its last year was not a good strategy. I imagine they are prepping for the Xbox 720. I would love to find out that 2K is, too.

But I can't imagine that if My Player is your primary mode that there is a going to be a meaningful upgrade.

My guess is that 2K13 will be available for $20-$30 bucks sooner than later after release. This is purely MLB paying 2K to sell an updates version of 2K12 to keep a baseball game on the 360.

I play season's too. And unfortunately updated rosters aren't going to help 360 players, unless it's an 'official' release' of some kind. But Jay' is right inasmuch I'm sure it will be down to a $20-30 range quickly (20 or less for me to even consider it). And although I such for the most part, I sure wish we could get a league going. But it just seem's it's a 'blowing in the wind' kinda of thing:) (i.e. and if this is a 'hold space' kind of game, on-line support will be very wanting).

Donan wrote:

And unfortunately updated rosters aren't going to help 360 players, unless it's an 'official' release' of some kind.

Not sure what you were getting at, but 2K Share is still active for MLB 2K12. The roster I was referring to is being uploaded there, so it's available to 360 users.

B Dog wrote:
Donan wrote:

And unfortunately updated rosters aren't going to help 360 players, unless it's an 'official' release' of some kind.

Not sure what you were getting at, but 2K Share is still active for MLB 2K12. The roster I was referring to is being uploaded there, so it's available to 360 users.

The problem is with Houston moving from the NL to AL, which dramatically changes the the schedule and playoffs and stuff. FBPro 98 users ran into this after FBPro 99 was so bad it was recalled. The NFL expanded, which meant online leagues could not play real reasons without laving two teams out.

The problem with online league play and baseball games is that games are long (as in over an hour). Complicating this is that part of what makes baseball compelling on a season basis are pitching rotations, different line-ups for LHP and RHP, and managing a bullpen. And games are typically played in series of three, so you get a good feel for the flow of the season. There just aren't folks that have that kind of time to devote. I can't hardly get through a season playing solo.

I'd love to get a playoff or tournament going. But our sport gamers are few, and those willing to play 2K baseball even fewer.

MLB 2K13: Helping Nerds get to 2nd base since 2004.


Kush15 wrote:

MLB 2K13: Helping Nerds get to 2nd base since 2004.


My favorite was:

MLB 2K13: Tebow doesn't start in this game either.

That was my 2nd favorite!

2 days until the game comes out, I've finally grabbed my first achievement from 2K12 (I was called up to the majors in My Player Mode). I really never played 2K12 as much as I wanted to. That will change for the 2013 version of the game.

Get stoked, Tuesday will be here before we know it

On a sad note, this is the week my wife works AM shifts. Thus, I won't be able to touch this until the following Monday. Boo.

So how is this game? Since getting a PS3 I've been a pretty big fan of MLB The Show. I'm getting tempted by this game, however, because I've read really good things about the pitching mechanics. The Show has fit into an interesting niche for me, since I got the Vita. It's become my main baseball game by virtue of being in my backpack constantly.

So I don't play The Show on the PS3 much anymore. And I prefer my 360 still. So I'm curious about this game. Any good reviews? Any opinions on it yet?

My brief impressions are that this truly is MLB 2K12.5, with solid upgrades. I still think for most people, it will be worth waiting for a sale.

But the game plays smoother, looks better, and the manager AI has been significantly improved. Well, by significant, I mean it stopped letting the pitcher hit when a team was down by two runs in the 7th through 9th innings.

I had a great game online today, and this is probably the single great online version of baseball to be put out. 2K has really been working n this netcode since 2K11. Pitching and hitting in baseball games has always been the achilles heel of the genre. Pitches come too fast, so even the slightest lag means it is too late. So baseball games tend to become guessing games, or players just agreed to throw all strikes.

But the introduced some netcode in a patch for 2K11 to was a little funky, but made hitting better. The online in 2K12 was solid, too. But the game I played to day was pretty incredible. I'll have to credit part of that to find an awesome random opponent. But I was working deep into counts and the strategic moves were getting deep as we got into the later innings of a 2-2 game. Unfortunately, I was down 3-2 in the ninth with a man of second after a one out double, and Charter cut my interent for maintenance. But it was a fun game.

I have some sliders for those that might be playing the game. They are based heavily on Bigfnjoe's sliders at OS. Yes, we have power at 100. These take Inside Edge info into account. Ignore it at your own peril. But I've gone game without getting HR's, and never given up more than 2 in a game. But there is that sense of danger that makes the pitcher/hitter battle really fun. Just press right on the d-Pad to bring up the info before any pitch.

Also, my house rules for choosing between a power swing and contact (should be called normal) swing are essential for these sliders. I use the Contact swing by default. I will use the power swing with any better if the count goes to 2-0 or 3-1. I will also use the power swing with my 3-6 hitters if there are two outs, no one in scoring postion, and less than 2 strikes. These represent times I am willing to take any strike if it is not my perfect pitch. The power swing represents that comfort level.

Controller Setup:
Total Control Batting
Total Control Pitching

Controller Options:
Hitter's Eye: Off
Pitch Aim: Breakpoint (probably doesn't matter)

Game Settings
Hold Runners: Smart Hold
Pitcher Fatigue: 55
Active Bullpen: ON
Catcher Suggestion: User Preference
Dynamic Player Ratings: ON

Presentation Settings
Strike Zone: On
Hitter's Eye: On
Inside Edge: On

Batting Contact: 40
Batting Power: 100
Bunt Contact: 50
Bunt Success: 50
Batter Eye Frequency: 25

AI Batting Contact: 60
AI Batting Power: 100
AI Bunt Contact: 75
AI Bunt Success: 50

Pitch Meter Speed: 75
Pitch Speed: 80
Pitch Break Influence: 40
Pitcher Composure Influence: 10
Pitcher Control: 25

AI Pitch Speed: 80
AI Pitch Success: 80
AI Strike Zone Tendency: 35
AI Pitch Break Influence: 45
AI Pitcher Composure Influence: 10

Throw Accuracy: 50
Gather Error Frequency: 50
Throwing Error Frequency: 55
Outfield Throw Speed: 45
Infield Throw Speed: 35
Outfield Run Speed: 25
Infield Run Speed: 10

AI Gather Error Frequency: 50
AI Throwing Error Frequency: 50
AI Outfield Throw Speeds: 45
AI Infield Throw Speeds: 35
AI Outfield Run Speed: 25
AI Infield Run Speed: 10

Base Runner Speed: 40
Pickoff Success: 60
Catcher Arm Strength: 40
Catcher Arm Accuracy: 50

AI Base Runner Speed: 40
AI Hit-n-Run Tendency: 80
AI Sacrifice Bunt Tendency: 75
AI Squeeze Tendency: 30
AI Base Running Aggression: 65
AI Steal Aggression: 70
AI Catcher Arm Strength: 60
AI Catcher Arm Accuracy: 50

I'm getting flat out great games with these settings.

Also, hit me up if you want to play online. It's a fantastic mode this year.

Jayhawker wrote:

Also, hit me up if you want to play online. It's a fantastic mode this year.

You tease!!:)

FYI, MLB 2K13 is $9.99 on XBL On Demand right now.

That's criminally cheap for an outstanding ballgame.

Farscry wrote:

That's criminally cheap for an outstanding pitching and hitting system.

I agree. The game, however, is kinda mediocre.

garion333 wrote:
Farscry wrote:

That's criminally cheap for an outstanding pitching and hitting system.

I agree. The game, however, is kinda mediocre.

I'll reluctantly agree to disagree.

2K has announced they are not developing that game for next season (read this statement from post by 'trueachievements'. So...will there be a baseball game for the 360/one? If so by who?