Mac Users, Where can I get a copy of iDVD?

Or like software. My wife inherited a mac book pro that must have been bought after they stopped including iDvD in iLife.

I need it or some other super simple to use dvd burning software for the Mac. I have a powerpoint presentation for my mother in law's memorial that I need to burn as a dvd.

I can convert the ppt slideshow to a movie but it does not include the audio. iDVD was practically the only thing that lived up to the Apple billing of easy to use and no headaches. So of course they discontinue it.

There are about 10 versions on the Apple support site but they are all updates that require iDVD to already exist on the mac book pro.

Help! If you have any recommendations on like software please let me know. This is pretty urgent because the memorial is this weekend.

P.S. don't ask me why my wife created the slideshow in power point...


But none of these solve the issue of not including the audio in the movie. Not sure how you would solve that short of bouncing the PPT to a movie file, then compositing the movie file in something like iMovie and then burning to DVD.


mergemp3 (PC freeware) to combine the music tracks into one to use as a background track for ppt to movie
burn (Mac freeware) to convert the mov file to a DVD compatible mpeg file
burn (Mac freeware) to make the video DVD

The major pain in the rear was finding all of this software. Now that I have it, the solution is simple. Still I would have appreciated having iDVD since it is so brain dead simple. Curse you Apple!

Seriously? The ghosting of navigation controls when browsing files on the Mac needs to go. It is incredibly frustrating.
No wonder the genius bars only take appointments and are booked solid for days at a time around here.

fangblackbone wrote:

mergemp3 (PC freeware) to combine the music tracks into one to use as a background track for ppt to movie

You don't need any special software to merge mp3s into one big mp3. Just concatenating the files ("cat" on the command line) works perfectly well.

cat *.mp3 >allyourbass.mp3