Kamakazi010654, Choose your tag!

Didn't see anyone else on this, so here we go.


"I have a very large cat"

(I might have creeped your twitter account, and this is all I could come up with.)

No one expects Grenn to be beaten to the Spanish Inquisition tag!

Bumping this. It happened late last night. Want to make sure people see it.


Anyway, gratz!

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
and counting
you think, maybe, there's a better plan?

Not a Kamikaze
You know, after the band

Congrats Kamakazi010654!!

Because there were already 10653

Lots of Divine Winds!

I had a good feeling about 10654

Praise the Sun!

Not a pilot
Divebombing n00bs

was never taught how to land

takeoff is optional, landing is the law


fails at Binary
Numerically challenged
reincarnates A LOT!
Banned sigh


Breaker of Divine Wind

Dr_Awkward wrote:

Breaker of Divine Wind


Diving into a deep blue ocean
Blue sky, blue sea
1 part vodka, 1 part triple sec, 1 part lime juice

Bonzai, bitches!
Nailed the landing
Total disregard for sobriety

actually just a bad pilot

Grenn wrote:

actually just a bad pilot


1 through 10653 missed the target
we may experience some slight turbulence and then explode
party crasher

Wrong Way!!!
Miss? Miss? Woah! Near miss!

Everyone expects the Spanish Inquisition

You want me to fly where?!?

Nobody expects me to land

Hit the deck!

Clear to Buzz the Tower

Dipped below the hard deck

This one's sure to be a hit


OVER Macho Grande
Stay on target...
They came from behind

+1 for Hit the deck!


Nearly dead serial number

So many good options in this thread!

Grenn wrote:

Nobody expects me to land

ah, a mix between your suggestion and a name!


I am going with Grenn tho on this one.

Couldn't beat the first level in Top Gun