A Letter to The Wilderness Concerning Hypersleep

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Isn't losing weight the common 'cure' for sleep apnea?

Weight exacerbates the effects of apnea for everyone, but losing weight only helps to varying degrees depending on each individual.

Judging from my dad and his dad, while my weight makes my apnea worse, dropping to the right weight won't cure it for me. I'm on CPAP for life.

My wife was on a CPAP for several months. It had nothing to do with weight, but her tonsils were so chronically inflamed they blocked her airways. For some reason the original specialist was afraid to remove them. Even the CPAP was barely doing the job. So we eventually found the right doctor and in 30 minutes (plus about 3 weeks of recovery) she was completely cured.

I had the same issue as your wife. Seems there was an early school of thought with docs that seemed to think leaving them there was better than taking them out. When i saw my new doctor he went through the normal spiel about losing weight, cpap, and then told me to say ahh. 30 seconds later he asked me how soon could we schedule the surgery.

Interesting! I never had my tonsils out. Dad did when he was a kid and still has horrible apnea, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't help my apnea.

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I have certainly thought about giving myself over to the hoverchair and eating myself to death.