NHL 2012-2013: Tentative deal early Sunday January 6

The first games are scheduled to start on the day I'm celebrating my birthday with friends at the local Baltimore tap house. Happy 26th to me!

goman wrote:

Hey guys lets just use one thread for talking NHL and hockey.

I nominate this one.

I can't wait for the 19th. Long time coming.

NO! I'll offer you a 57%/43% split in posts. The smaller threads are failing and we need more contributions in all threads for the good of the website.


So glad there is going to be something of a season instead of nothing at all.

You know Ben Bishop, the goalie that was traded to Tampa Bay at the deadline? A friend of mine took a picture of him at the game last night, with Tuomo Ruutu in front of him at the net:


Tuomo Ruutu is 6 feet tall. He looks like a tiny baby-man in front of Bishop.