Backing up/storing Steam Savegames

I think I'm sold on Win8, but I'm going to do a clean install rather than an upgrade - my Win7 registry is bloated and I could really benefit from a fresh start, I think.

I'm wondering if there's an easy way to go through my Steam library and back up my savegames. I get that I'll have to reinstall the games themselves - I'm not averse to that - but I don't really want to lose the save games if I can avoid it. I know about the forum post on Steam with the "third-party savegame locations," but I'm trying to avoid a massive searchthrough and then recopy of every savegame on my system. My understanding of the built in backup feature is that it backs things up to your local hard drive, which is no good for me, obviously, since a clean Win8 install will overwrite that.

Anyone else done something similar? Suggestions, hints, tips?

They should all be stored in your Documents folder. No player-specific data should live in the Steam folder itself.

It's going to depend on the game, a lot. There's no one place, and no rule that all saves must be in one place. There's a bunch of common locations, but you still get the occasional hunt for an obscure location.

I use game save manager to handle it for me:

Thanks for the link, Scratched - that's pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Oops. Ignore this.