Steelseries Mouse question -Installing Steelseries Engine locks up PC


So I got a new steelseries mouse- the GW2 edition as you can see above. It's a nice mouse, except that when I try to install the "Steelseries Engine" which allows me to customize the buttons, etc. my whole computer locks up about 5 seconds into the install of that program. After restarting my computer, my new mouse doesn't work until I move it to a different USB port.

I'm running windows 7 64-bit and the first time I tried to install this program, I also had a Logitech mouse customization program installed for my old mouse. I'm thinking this may not have been a great idea to install the new program with that on my PC. I've since removed it, but my PC still locks up on installing the Steelseries program.

Any ideas? I'm running out of USB ports that my mouse will still work in.

My favorite "steelseries software sucks" example is a picture someone took a while back where five minutes after they installed it the driver software was using over 150mb of Ram.

As for not even being able to install it, that's a new one. I can't seem to find any examples of it at my usual hardware forum haunts.