Headset to PS3? Is it possible

Hey GWJers!
For Christmas I received a Logitech headset. It is your standard 3.5mm(I believe that is what it is called) headset for the PC. I am wondering if there is a coverter of any sort so that I can use this headset with my PS3. I have not been able to find a good answer on the Google's, so I thought someone here might know of a good option. Thanks! Happy Gaming!

It's just a USB connection so anything like this:


Should suffice.

Alternatively, if your headset also has a mic (you don't specify) you would need something akin to this:



If you're still worried (and i guess there is always a possibility that these sorts of things don't work) this thread will show you a few that DO work with PS3 (the posters write back saying that they do).

Just to clarify though - you only want to "game chat" using this, right? Because it won't output the game sounds.... You'll need a cheap mixer for that sort of thing.