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The Frontier Developments folks (ie: David Braben's video game company) have put up a 25th anniversary site for Elite. From the sounds of it, they will be releasing series of videos and features all week. The first is a video interview with David Braben.

I wonder if this is leading up to a first look at the long rumored Elite 4?


Video interview:


I spent the best part of a summer with the curtains closed, cross legged on the floor with a Spectrum on my lap lightly toasting my prepubescent nutsack, fruitlessly chasing an Elite status. Nary another cassette made it into my Speccy for most of that summer. Bear that in mind when I tell you that...

Elite 4, as a concept, horrifies me.

I'm utterly convinced that there is no way that it can do anything but disappoint me, such is the strength of the prescription in my rose-tinted nostalgia goggles. What I fear is that it'll end up being a nondescript spaceship game, a solid 7 out of 10, unremarkable, and fast-tracked to a bargain bin near you.

Regardless of that bit of prescience, I'll no doubt whip my fanboy-fronds into a lather, breathlessly place my pre-order, then watch as my cherished, hazy childhood memories evaporate in a miasma of mediocre game design.

Let's face it, if I really wanted to be playing a modern-day version of Elite, I'd be playing EVE.

P.S. Have you seen the softography of Frontier Developments? It's not a confidence inspiring list.

Indeed, I share your fears.

I did enjoy Frontier a fair bit on my Amiga when it came out, but it certainly didn't blow my mind as Elite did when I was so young. EVE should, by all counts, be a game I love for all the same reasons Elite was so awesome, but I never stayed with it past a week long trial key.

Besides all that... nostalgia goggles. Check. Ready to launch.

I saw it explained a few days ago that Elite was awesome because, in most respects, it was the first freeform game, and probably the first 3D game. It was a 'real' universe, and you could go anywhere you wanted without restriction. The designer apparently had a hell of a time getting it published, because the software houses at the time wanted there to be three lives and a scoreboard.

Coming from, you know, Galaga or Zaxxon, Elite was stunning, unbelievably innovative. You could actually go explore.

But looking at it in 2009, it's just endless tedium.

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but Braben is running a kickstarter for the next Elite:


Orphu wrote:

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but Braben is running a kickstarter for the next Elite:

It's been discussed a little in the space-sims thread. There is a lot of skepticism.

Yeah, I don't think I would touch that one. That has 'me-too money grab' written all over it.

Well, it got funded. I'm actually pretty interested in what they come up with.

Hey Look! An Elite Dangerous thread I forgot I started!

The alpha phase 1 was released last week, concentrating on some single player combat scenarios.

I'm not in the alpha, but there are lots of clips posted to youtube from people that are. I think it's coming along quite nice! I quite like the look.

Alpha 3 for Elite Dangerous is out:

  • Dock your ship into the iconic Coriolis starport
  • Outfit your ship with new modules such as armour and scanners
  • Upgrade your weapons and repair any damage using the credits you have earned from the locations
  • Clear bounties earned when committing crimes
  • And once you have saved enough credits, you can purchase the most well known ship in the galaxy - the Cobra Mk III, a firm favourite from the Falcon de Lacy shipyards

    I.... bought into the alpha. Probably stupid, but oh well. The terrible thing is I'm stuck on biz travel for the next 1.5 weeks and cannot play it.