I need friends...

So, this may be a little odd, but I need some friends. I am a casual gamer and I do not really have any friends that play video games. It kind of sucks not having anyone to compare trophies with or to play multiplayer games with, so if you want a random PS3 Friend just add your gamer tag here and I will add you...or don't...

If I had a PS3, I would!

I completely understand your situation... unfortunately I'm a PC gamer... haven't touched my ps3 in 2 years. I'll gladly friend you on steam though.

Of my three consoles and iPad, I spend the least time on the PS3, but I've got a lot of time on my hands these days. Added.


Just kidding, but couldn't pass that up. Good luck. Not a PS3 guy either, it's a blueray/netflix machine in my house.

Did you join the steam GWJ group? Or the Fitocracy GWJ group? Lots of connections there.


I do have a Steam account, but the only game I am currently playing on my PC is Guild Wars 2. I was in the GWJ guild, but it was not very active. If anyone is playing GW2, I will take those screen names as well..

mine is in my profile, but I suspect this thread will be locked soon. If you're going to add me, please mention that you're from gwj in the message or I am liable to ignore it.

edit: but as certis mentions, it's generally better to find people in game-specific threads for games you're actually playing. not much point in us being psn buddies if we don't play any of the same games.

the reason is mentioned in the link:

Hi guys. I understand the intention of threads like this, but I'd rather we didn't have one for every platform under the sun. That's why we added the fields in the account section.

If you were closer to the twin cities, we do have a once monthly gathering in Eagan for board games.

Rainsmercy wrote:

If you were closer to the twin cities, we do have a once monthly gathering in Eagan for board games.

That would be awesome, but I do not make it down to the cities often. I drill down there for the Army, but I usually drive back home. Maybe I will have to take you up on that offer one weekend.

Why would the lock this thread?

Edit: Oh...you know, I was looking for something like that. Must have skimmed over it somehow. Well, if they lock it, oh well. I won't be sad. Thanks for the comment!

Here is the thread for the monthly board game night, usually the last Friday of the month, the next one is February 1st.

Not a PS3 gamer either but I know the feeling. FWIW my Steam and XBL tags are in my sig.

Feel free to add me as well