It's donation time for the Ventrilo server

Just a heads-up that the Ventrilo server is in need of donations; that thread has been there for so many years that I suspect most people don't read it very often anymore. I'm posting in this forum because the GWJ guild always used it so heavily, so figured you folks would have more of an interest than most.

As of this writing, he still needs $97.90 of the $134 yearly fee.

Yup, I wouldn't have noticed that donations were needed if you hadn't created this thread.

We have consistently used a mumble server for several years.

Well, there are other guilds here, too.

Transferring funds from my bank account to PayPal takes about a week (no idea why); is there a deadline I can give to my procrastinating alter ego, before the server shuts down?

I think the pot is full now.

ya it should be...