RIP Gerry Anderson

A not unexpected but still sad day for those of us into his unique brand of miniaturized futuristic puppety goodness:

I'm going to go put on my Joe 90 DVDs and marvel some.

Indeed a sad day, though he had been ill for a while. I actually preferred some of his live-action terms of the storylines and indirect social commentary, 'UFO' was miles ahead of most sci-fi in didn't just have an 'interracial kiss' and wait for the storm, but female and minority characters in command positions, as well as storylines where the good guys most assuredly did not win every week. Unfortunately the closure of the studion where it was filmed meant a break in filming which meant that some of the actors were unavailable, and the series lost momentum.

Still, might be time for a UFO marathon, closely followed by some Captain Scarlet, I think

Jesus, how did I not even think of UFO? I own it on DVD and have watched loads of it over the years. I better not have tuned it out with that Space Precinct show.

Don't worry about it mate, I'm old enough to remember when it was shown on British TV in prime time (7pm) and when it was actually set in the future

Can't believe they jettisoned the proposed second series for the soap opera that was Space 1999. First series was OK..ish, second was pure rubbish.