Help: Gaming Keyboard

My wonderful wife has stated that she will buy me a new keyboard for Xmas. I still am undecided on which to go with so need your guys help. Everyone talks about mechanical keyboards being amazing. One of my coworkers had one and said he couldn't take the clicks of it. I've also read that Cherry MX switches were the best to use for the least amount of noise.

Basically I've gone into information overload. Everyone talks about the DAS keyboards as being great, the Razer as being crap, and i think Corsair as being another decent choice. Never using a mechanical keyboard I am wondering 2 things:

Are the clicks loud enough to bother other people in the room?
Am I going to hate it?
Is the feel of the keyboard that much different that I should try one out at a store before buying one online?

Ok ... I realize that the questions will have different answers based on your own individual answers but thought I'd ask anyway.

EDIT: I'd like to keep the price around $100 but could go a bit more if necessary.

Do you have a store with demo models out? I know a lot of the gaming stuff isn't out at stores like Best Buy.

We have a store called Canada Computers. They have a demo of just about everything out. You can go see.

I have the k60 from corsair. I have to say that the open bottom is the best for getting rid of keyboard sludge. There's no pan, so one blast of air and every crumb is gone. Problem being, there are some hardware issues I've heard of. Repeating key, which I've had, but stops when you he the key next. They'll RMA for this, but it's not enoug of an issue for me. Happens rarely. My caps lock led is burned out. Again they'll RMA for this, but it's not enough of a hassle for me.

If I did it over again, I'd get the K90 for the backlight.

The clicks aren't that noticeable for me. It's more the key bottoming out with no case around it. It's way louder than an MS keyboard. Took some getting used to.

I'd say the big feature for me has nothing to do with the cherry switches. It's the clean factor of this design.

Oh, also the key swap. It comes with red, textured keys for 1-5 and WASD and a key puller tool. This helps my young sons use the WASD keys in minecraft.

Do you want/need the numpad?

I've never had a keyboard without the numpad, that might be weird. I don't really use it for much except for insanely fast entry of my memorized credit card number

I only ask because the CM Storm Quickfire Rapid is my fave budget(ish) mech keyboard.

*Also... you have no idea how proud I was of myself this afternoon for not going after the most obvious joke ever and asking if it has to be a keyboard.

My keyboard is no longer in production, but I hear tell that the new model is just as good.

The backlight is adjustable, and can even be turned off if you are bashful. It is not super loud, but has a good typist feel.

I like the Saitek keyboards because they tend to last me, there are not tons of functions on them to just break, and I can do work on them.

What I cannot speak to is Saitek brand's quality now that they are owned by Mad Catz.

I use the Azio Levetron Mech5, and it's one of the nicest keyboards I've ever used. It is mechanical and it feels great to the touch, for gaming, typing, you name it. I don't think it's loud enough to bother anyone but then I've always used mechanical keyboards myself so I might be desensitized to it.

The great thing about the Levetron is that it's very customizable. You can move the numpad to either side, or even remove it entirely (I have mine sitting between my monitors to give my keyboard a smaller footprint). It also has a rail system that lets you mount a set of 6 hotkeys (included) if you like, in a position that works best for you. I keep mine over the F1-F4 keys and angled slightly upward, so I can reach under it. Or you can remove that entirely if you like. The Levetron also has a volume control knob and a button to deactivate the Windows key. You connect it via one or two USB ports, but if you don't have anything else plugged into the keyboard itself you should be fine using just one. It's purely a matter of power use.

Azio has stated that they intend to release additional add-ons for the Levetron but I've yet to see any. The rail looks just like a rifle mount rail, so I kind of want to put a scope on it.

I hadn't seen the Mech5 before. It looks a little.. aggressive. I can vouch for mechanical keyboards though. I break out my old IBM clicky every now and again for LAN parties and the over-engineered heft on that thing satisfies.