PS Vita Buying Advice - Mem Card/Bundle

Even though the PSP was largely a dust collector for me, with the addition of Playstation Plus (which I already pay for for my PS3) I'm feeling tempted by the PS Vita.

As is usually the case, there are different bundles floating around, and to add to that the Vita has the whole memory card issue.

1) How big should I go for the Memory Card? The COD bundle I see only comes with a 4GB card, that seems awfully small, especially since I intend to take full advantage of the free full game downloads from PS Plus.

2) I don't give a rip about 3G, so probably sticking with WiFi to save a few bucks, but what bundle would you go with?

3) Any current or upcoming deals you know of?

I bought one the week after Black Friday, got the AC3: Liberation bundle for $200. I saw Target had them for $250 with a $50 gift card, but it wasn't the AC bundle (Lego Batman, I think?).

My first piece of advice is to hold off. I don't think there's anything on Vita right now that you absolutely need to play that you can't play elsewhere. Mutant Blobs Attack is my favorite Vita game, and it's free with PS+, but if you don't mind PC gaming it was $1.99 on Steam last I checked. Persona 4 Golden is amazing by most accounts but you need to really like JRPGs, and at the end of the day it's an upgraded port of a PS2 game - if you've already played it or want to play it and have access, $20 for the PS2 game is a better deal than $300 to play it on Vita.

If you're already decided on buying one like I was (hurray financial irresponsibility!), the 4GB card is indeed smaller than I would like. I signed up for three months of PS+ and one of the games, Uncharted, takes up 3GB. This means that when I want to play Uncharted I need to clear any other full Vita games off my card. I also couldn't play larger PS1 games like Final Fantasy VII or IX. The obvious solution is to get a larger card, but they are obnoxiously priced at $100 for 32GB, $60 for 16GB, and $30 for 8GB. You can find them for cheaper on Amazon and elsewhere, but even $80 for 32GB seems pretty crazy to me when you can get SD cards of that size for $20-$30.

I don't have the 3G system but people who do here have called it a useless feature. As to which game bundle you want, look at your tastes. For me the answer was easy - among Madden, AC3: Liberation, Call of Duty, and Lego Batman, only Assassin's Creed scored above a 65 in the review aggregates.

PS1 and PSP compatibility was a part of the draw for me, but if your PSP didn't get much play I don't think that appeal works for you. PSP compatibility is also half assed and chintzy right now, less so for you because you own a PS3 (I don't).

But yeah, overall I can't recommend the system yet unless you have some money burning a hole in your pocket or strongly prefer portable games (a lot of games people recommend for Vita I have played or can play better versions of on 360). Or if you're like me and just want to have access to everything. Maybe next year it'll be recommendable without so many caveats.

Thanks for the reasoned and thoughtful post, I appreciate it. I don't have a "need" to get the vita, for sure. The PSP was my last handheld system, and I think maybe I just have the itch. Honestly I'm considering a 3DS a well, as I've never owned any iteration if the DS. The PS plus and recent chat on the podcasts I listen to had me thinking Vita.