Monaco Catch-All / Don't-Get-Caught-All


Monaco is an indie co-op stealth game that has been in development for a couple of years, got some high IGF praise, and is finally coming out of the shadows for the public's entertainment. The composer who provided music for fl0w and Journey also pitched in for this game. The game will be available for PC (Steam and non-Steam flavors), Mac, and XBLA. In addition to the RPS tag for the game, here are a few videos to whet your appetite:

100% speedrun of a level from closed beta, very recent [spoiler, of course]

Teaser trailer announcing XBLA availability, two months ago

Gamespot coverage, about half a year ago

Narrated walkthrough by devs, almost a year ago

Additional information and possible spoilers at the Monaco Hideout wiki.


That's me for the past two years or so.

The game is currently in pre-order (for the next two months) with a 4-pack discount -- perfect for the frugal, friendly GWJ crowd. Via Facebook, with some details highlighted:

Andy Schatz wrote:

Details on the preorder:
The game will cost $15 at launch, but will be available for a pre-order discount of 10%. So pre-orders will cost $13.50
Pre-order 4-packs will be available for $45
The pre-order is for the PC/Mac version only, not XBLA. If you are looking forward to the XBLA version, save your money!
The PC and XBLA versions will launch at the same time
The Mac version will likely not be available at the same time as the PC version, but will probably come shortly thereafter, however Mac beta testers have been running the game successfully in bootcamp, etc
The pre-order will be sold through the Humble Store, and will come with Steam keys
The Pre-order will NOT include beta access
The Pre-order WILL include a bunch of goodies, to be announced soon

And those goodies include: wrote:

* A DRM-Free copy of the 2010 IGF-winning prototype, renamed MONTE-CARLO (PC)
* Two tracks from the OST, by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory
* Sheet Music and a chance to be included on a special Monaco remix album!

In the event that we have enough interest drummed up, I've taken the liberty of starting a spreadsheet to coordinate the buying of 4-packs.

Four GWJ names per row, with the buyer in the first column; each 4-pack group works out the payment details however it likes. Coffee-grinder goodjers are usually not included in these events IIRC; am I wrong? Let me know if the spreadsheet is not editable or if there are other problems.

I think there might have been a 4 pack in the works in the general indie thread too.

Got the IGF-prototype running on a LAN with some friends, wacky fun times were had. The game is quite polished already though I would recommend playing with a 360 controller.

I signed up for one of the pack. I <3 indie games.

Thanks for setting this up. Shoptroll had contacted me about one of my spare copies, so I tentatively put him down for one.


Nifty wallpaper.

When is the game going to be released?

Also, it seems odd that they won't allow beta-access for pre-orders. It looks great, but I want to play now, not in two months...

Looks like it's going to be released in March, judging by the countdown. We all want to play it now, but them's the breaks...

ADD: Trying to score a beta key from BetaClaus right now in IRC, see -- EDIT: no dice.

Also saw a link to the fan wiki:

Not sure if there's any particularly new info, but it's a nice overview.

tagging, it sound interesting.

Cyranix wrote:

Nifty wallpaper.

Source and/or higher res?

psoplayer wrote:
Cyranix wrote:

Nifty wallpaper.

Source and/or higher res?

I thought it was posted on the Monaco Facebook page... but either it wasn't, or Facebook is acting weird for me, or older posts have been removed from their Facebook page. I can't find it again.

To make amends, here's an image that is currently available on their Facebook page:


I dropped it into Google and it couldn't find anything besides thumbnail sized versions of it. Regardless, all their promo art is really appealing.

Occasionally, like now, you'll find beta players streaming on Twitch:

Snagged a beta key this morning. Just try to make me feel bad about all my double posts in this thread.

Will post neat info if it comes up; if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them (although not yet, because I put in the Steam key mere minutes ago). Streaming is also allowed, except for the last few levels in each campaign, so there's an outside chance that I'll give it a shot (never streamed before).

Also, don't forget to get your name in for a 4-pack on the spreadsheet above!

Finally got the IGF build to run properly with someone else around. Playing through all but the final level with a friend last night left me way more excited for this game. The sheer number of times we managed to organically produce a silly sneakaround moment really sold me on this being an important entry into the shrinking category of single-screen coop games.

At this point I'm choosing to go on blackout as far as videos and screens go of anything newer, but what would you say are the biggest changes between IGF and current beta?

To be honest, I haven't played the IGF build, so I couldn't tell you. Sorry! If you've got any more specific questions, I could field those better.

Brief update: unofficial word is that the release date may slip past March because of the XBLA certification process.

Just tonight I've finally beaten (and cleaned out) all of the Act I missions in single player. I can't say anything specific about the last 5 levels, but I will say that the last mission is pretty brutal -- I used up all my lives getting the "cleaned out" victory, though I'm certain that a simple "mission accomplished" victory would be substantially easier.

And of course, I have to close with an exhortation to put your name in for a 4-pack if you haven't already. How else will you meet Pierre the unlucky guard?

So there's single player, and it's solid? I was under the impression it was MP only, which was making me sad, because I don't do MP.

Single player is almost exactly the same experience as multiplayer. The only mechanical difference is that instead of having up to 4 players working together, failing the mission if everyone is dead but able to revive each other, you play a single character at a time and get 4 lives with which to complete a level, with the catch that you have to choose a different character for each life.

Naturally, the strategic impact is that you can't use teamwork to cover each character's weaknesses ("you distract the guard while I crack the safe"). This seems to lead either to a more tense, stealth-heavy single player experience or the frenetic powering-through of speed running. The multiplayer that I've done with the other beta testers has rapidly devolved into frantic running around to collect coins, dying periodically, and waiting to be revived -- a very fast-and-loose play style -- but I don't doubt that a well-coordinated team could act like a more professional, stealthy band of crooks.

I'd also note that leaderboards are separate for 1P and MP, with daily and all-time records tracked.

I'm torn. I really want to play this- but will never get to do so MP. I feel like I'd be missing quite a bit of the experience just SP my way through it.

So I'm sitting here going "why is Monaco in my Steam list", and then realized I already popped on the pre-order when the site offer went up.

So excited.

demonbox wrote:

I'm torn. I really want to play this- but will never get to do so MP. I feel like I'd be missing quite a bit of the experience just SP my way through it.

Never ever? Why's that?

I'd say it's still worth it even without MP, though. Single player is a great challenge and neat little story. Moreover, there will be a full level editor (not part of the beta, so sadly I can't give impressions, just a few minor details) so you can create your own fun or see what other people have created.

One of the developers mentioned that it wouldn't be a huge stretch to create a portal gun for the game!

demonbox wrote:

I'm torn. I really want to play this- but will never get to do so MP. I feel like I'd be missing quite a bit of the experience just SP my way through it.

LAN over IP, it's janky but it'll do the trick.

RPS interviews the developer. Looking like an April release date, phooey.

There's actually surprisingly little about Monaco in this interview.


Not nearly enough people have taken advantage of our preorder spreadsheet! Tell a friend!

Okay, I'll round out your 4-pack.

Latrine wrote:

Okay, I'll round out your 4-pack.

I have your key ready to go. If you don't take it, I think evilseed was interested... [UPDATE: Taken!]



If only charming multiple people with the Redhead was possible...