US itunes gift card in Canada

So I really dont want to tell the person who sent me these gift cards and make him feel stupid, but the US Itunes gift cards wont add to my Canadian Itunes account. Anyone know how to get around this? Worst case I could try and sell them on ebay or something, but thats a bit of hassel. hate to ask, but does anyone here want to trade?

This is actually something I did on purpose. I got one to make an additional US store account. Had to make up an address though. It's been useful to get the odd thing that was available in the US store but not ours.

I know what you mean, problem is I have 70 $ worth of cards.... I cant imagine trying to buy that much IOS stuff with that. Im not a big fan of binging like that :/

I would be interested in trading since I am canadian and have a US itunes account, What would you like for your cards?

thanks, PM sent.

Glad to do the transaction blotto

Have a good day.

same to you, so frustrating that itunes in canada isnt the same as itunes in the US. I wish it was more like steam where they didnt bother with different stores.