Track Mouse Usage? - ie work time productivity.

I'm looking for a better way to track my time spent while working at the computer.

To me it looks like the best way would be to report the time that a mouse is moving in an open window.

The best results would be to report:
-the time the mouse was moving in an open window
-what application the open window was, and hopefully the file being accessed

There would need to be a timeout so that it doesn't reset if you read something.
As a draftsman, if I'm being productive, my mouse is probably moving. Still, allowing a keypress, or click to reset the timeout would be best.

Does something like this exist?
Understandably, this all rings familiar with keyloggers and the like.
I'm really nervous about downloading something to track these things.

I've seen the graphic representation of mouse movement. I don't know that it's what I'm looking for.

Try out RescueTime. It can catalog time spent in various applications, and with the help of a browser extension it can split out your browser time by website. It can prompt you to catalog periods of inactivity once you return to your computer from a meeting or such. All the data goes off to their server where you can dig though it on the website with a fairly usable bit of analytics.

I was going to recommend RescueTime also. I used it years ago and it was neat.