WoW BHA: End of 2012 Raiding Catch-all

Well folks, we're two weeks away from New Year's and I am posting a catch-all.

Shanker - mDPS - ilvl 484 - LFR Terrace, Challenge Modes, and 10N.

Zyphos - tank/mDPS - ilvl 467 - LFR, Heroics, scenarios, and 10N.

Not available the 24th, 25th, or the 28th until the 1st.

Up for LFR or heroics. Tank, heal or dps. I'll be around off and on for the next couple weeks.

My iLevel is 439 (434 equipped) if y'all want to bring along some bad warrior DPS.

Youko - DPS, ilvl 480 up for whatever
Mahoofs - Healer, ilvl 471, up for LFR and heroics.

Not available on 22nd, 24th to 27th

Just a reminder that LFR is tonight at 8:30 server. Depending on those interested we will start with Mogu or Fear.

I'm DK can do all of them...even got the 2H axe off Sha of Fear on my first attempt!!