Ipad owners - what 5 apps can you simply not live without?

Was wondering if you had to choose only 5 apps on your Ipad of any generation, what 5 would you pick? I would have to have:

1. Flipboard - best way to get my tech news and my twitter feeds while looking like a magazine.
2. Netflix - enough said. On the retina screen, later movies look simply amazing!
3. Galaxy on Fire 2 - love this game!
4. iOOTP 2012 - for the baseball nerd in me
5. GTA Vice City - still getting used to the controls, but love the 80's soundtrack!

1. Limechat - the least-sucky IRC app for iPad
2. Path - posting to FB/Foursquare/etc. from one app. plus, goodjers.
3. Talkatone - I stack this and GV Connect with my Google Voice account so I can use the iPad for phone calls.
4. Downcast - Podcasts. Not iTunes.
5. Chapters - A notebook full of notebooks. Lets you add photos and bullet lists too.

For the Apps:

Flipboard (It is my magazine of choice, and a wonderful Google Reader interface -- it replaced Reeder for me)
Tweetbot (Excellent twitter interface)
Gmail (the new interface is very good)
Google+ (Great interface to this service. Better to peruse than on the PC)
Chrome (so much better than Safari)

For the games:

Angry Birds (all of them)
Fairway HD (I cannot get enough of this stupid solitaire game)
Drop7 (I lose hours to this)
Carcassonne (Great game)
Creeps! HD (Favorite tower defense game on the iPad, but there are other great ones)

Early Edition 2 (a feed reader that tuns your rss feeds into a newspaper-like interface)
Explain Everything (a video podcast whiteboard. specialized, I'll admit, but really useful in my teaching career.)
CineXPlayer (allows your iPad to play divx videos)

What Sheared said... all the Google apps are great, especially with the updates they pushed out in the last couple days.