Chrome for OSX loading mobile version of GWJ

As the subject says, Chrome on my Macbook loading the mobile version of this site. Safari and Firefox are fine. I have a feeling this is staring me in the face but for the life of me I cannot find the solution. Any ideas?

Go to your GWJ "My Account" link - Uncheck "Use responsive style sheet"

The sheet only kicks in at a certain resolution, odds are your browser window (or screen res) falls below the threshold.

Oh, that's how it works! I'd been watching for a reply to Axon's question, because I'd been getting the mobile version in Safari and the regular version in Firefox on the same computer...

...and it's because the default window size I'd been using in Safari is just a little bit narrower.

Watching the page reformat as I resize a browser window is strangely entertaining.

Same same, misplacedbravado. Thanking you, Certis. Didn't bother unchecking the box. Just a little adjustment sorted it nicely. Very obvious, like I thought.