Asheron's Call 2 back from the dead

The only person I instantly remembered when I logged on was Murron, she's still really active in the game. I think I just about gave her a heart attack, because I didn't say anything in chat at first, she just ported back to the guild area, and I walked up and waved to her. William the Bat apparently still plays here and there, but was taking a break when I resub'd (he was my patron all the way back in the Elder days).

The graphics (while horrible) weren't so off-putting on their own that I wouldn't be able to look past them. But the UI, along with some of the mechanics of the game, really just make it hard to go back after playing more modern MMO's. I think the most surreal moment was seeing that archers were a bit of the flavor of the month. I stuck with bow for something like 7 years, knowing I couldn't compete with other specs but loving it anyway. Now everyone's a freakin' archer.

PurEvil wrote:

... at this point it felt like I was doing more research on what to do with my character than I was actually playing.

Completely agree. The Facility Hub was a great addition and really gave you some direction and substantial rewards at low level, but with my main now at lvl 150 and having been away from the game for years, I have no freakin' clue what to spend my time on. Daily XP quests? Grinding for gear? I have little patience and time for reading a wiki to find out how to progress.