The War Z - Catch All

I heard a lot about DayZ and how fun it is. The War Z is a game inspired by the DayZ mod: It's a standalone game that's currently in alpha version. At the time of the writing (12/12/12), you can buy in early ($15 only) and start playing now.

I recently started playing it and it is a lot of fun, especially if you group up with other people. What do you guys think about it? Anyone tried it yet?

Never heard of it. I like that you can host private servers. On paper the game sounds good. I may just give it a shot.

It's an alpha so the game is rough around the edges in some areas. I think it's got a potential though. I got three 24hr guest keys when I signed up; I can send you one if you wanna try the game.


There's a bit of controversy around it being pay-to-win and some possible shady devs and business practices, so just be aware going in. It might be all BS, who knows.

We've got a thread for it here, but the latest rumor/news I've heard hasn't been very promising (if true).

WarZ has more than it's share of problems, but Rhinocrunch is NOT a reliable or trustworthy source of info on it. He's been posting blatent lies and bullsh*t since at least day 1 of alpha if not before.

Disregarding him completely though, WarZ has a huge set of issues right now, 50% of which revolve around mass hacking and failing to fix it apparently soaking up most of their dev time.

I've barely touched the game in over 30 days now because of the current state of the game and slow ass progress that's set in once the hacking started.

GL if you wanna post anything positive about it cause GWJ will probably just rip you a new one for it.

Fuzzballx wrote:

GL if you wanna post anything positive about it cause GWJ will probably just rip you a new one for it.

I've never seen anyone rip you (or anyone else) a new one for excitement about WarZ. People have criticized the game, the dev, and the "pay to win" situation it has, but not the people who want the game to succeed.

The "pay to win" thing is weird. They say explicitly in the FAQ that the game is absolutely not a "pay to win" game and yet there are three tiers for buying the game, and the higher tiers just give you more in-game starting cash.

They have an in-game store but you can't buy any weapons in there (at least I didn't see it). You can purchase water, food, and weapon attachments (bigger clip, etc). Purchasing food and drink doesn't really give you an advantage. Water and food are fairly easy to scavenge but guns and ammo are harder to come by.