Just built a new rig. Swapped in new RAM and a graphics card, and now error messages ahoy!

Here's the skinny (daddy-o):

Built a new machine. Upgraded everything... HDD to Solid State, twice as much RAM, +1.2 Ghz on my CPU, better graphics card.

Now then. I installed my new RAM and graphics card last night. RAM was definitely causing all types of errors - wouldn't allow me to be booted for more than 5 minutes, and when I tried to run a Windows 8 restore it was even throwing errors in that process. Removed the suspected RAM... now all those errors are gone. Yay for that!

However, my graphics card threw an error some time last night while I was asleep. I don't know if it was due to the fact that I had yet to mess with my power options, so it went to sleep when I didn't want it to. I doubt that's the issue, but it can't hurt to ask. This reboot/BSOD is the only issue I've seen since I removed the bad RAM, and I used the machine for 2 more hours last night without a problem. Even used it this morning for about half an hour while the coffee was brewing.

My question is this: I went from a NVidia GTX 465 to GTX 660. The power draw from this new card I read is actually less than my old card, so I don't think it's a problem with my PSU. It uses the exact same drivers from Nvidia as my old one (per the version number I see on Nvidia's website, as well as the release date), so I don't think it's a problem with older/incompatible drivers being still installed. Even so, I installed fresh drivers when I made the card swap last night.

Should I run something like Driver Cleaner to be sure? Any other options? I don't think the card itself is bad - there's no video tearing or artifacting or the like when I was using it last night. Everything looked fine, and there were no hang ups or issues. Granted, I've not played a game yet, but Netflix and other video streaming was normal from about 10 to midnight.

Thanks, goodjers.

I would say turn off any sort of sleep mode to start. I had some issues with just monitor shutoff in the power options, so mine is on all of the time.

What kind of MoBo/CPU combination are you using now?

Carl, I actually just heard that on another forum as well. It's odd - I've never had problems with my computers in the past when going to sleep. However, I did turn off its sleep option this morning after I saw the error. I always keep my computer running at night anyway so backups, updates, scans, et cetra, but just turn off the display after 10 minutes to reduce burn in and so my living room doesn't look like a spot light at 2 AM.

We will see what shows up when I go home - if it was a problem with the sleeping, it should be resolved. Fingers crossed.

I'm running an i7 3.4 Ghz (Quad Core), and I think the mobo is a Gigabyte Intel Z77.

I'm flying with 8 GBs of RAM too. I did have 16, but the aforementioned issues made me send back half of it. 8 should still be more than enough for what I throw at it