[trailer] Man of Steel

Dr.Ghastly wrote:
momgamer wrote:
Slytin wrote:

I wonder how Superman shaves? Mirrior and a laser?

Close - mirror and his laser vision. ;)

Closer. Piece of the ship he came in as a baby and heat vision.. :P


Thats natural it grows in like that.

That's either the best glued on chest I've ever seen or the worst shaved chest I've ever seen....

As for origin stories.... well, I think as long as it's done *right* then it's okay. The problem now is that they're spending all their time trying to get the perfect initiator story but don't know how to follow it up!

After seeing Christopher Nolan's batman origin story (Batman Begins), I have full confidence this will be awesome.

Man of Bricks

That's incredible.

Dude, I want a Zod Lego man!

Yeesh, the last trailer has been out a month and not even a pip?

And the latest TV spot with Morpheus.