Total War: Warhammer (?)

Is there a Warhammer version of Total War in the makings? That is the million dollar question.

PC Gamer[/url]]Sega have just announced that Creative Assembly, makers of games with the name Total War in the title, are partnering with Games Workshop, overlords of the Warhammer franchise. I’ve made the obvious joke in the headline. You’re welcome.

It appears as if Creative Assembly, the team behind the Total War series, has acquired the license to make Warhammer Fantasy games. While my guess is that it wouldn't be called Total War: Warhammer, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next two years we see a "Total War" like game based on the Warhammer Fantasy IP.

This has me extremely excited!!

Heh, the pic in your post says "No Hotlinking".

Eh, the orcs/elves thing is so overdone anymore. Now, if it were WH40K, it'd be a day one purchase.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Heh, the pic in your post says "No Hotlinking".

Plus it's also *Cough*able

If this turns out to be a "Total War" style game with the same quality we've come to expect, but with WH Fantasy, then I'd be happy to purchase it at launch.

Yeah, really wish it was 40K.

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