Help - Is my computer dying?


I already gave you my best suggestion on what to do next, Fed. You need to determine what's actually failing. Otherwise, you can start shotgunning pieces in there, but there's no way to know which piece will fix it.

Malor - I did run IBT before, but my computer won't stay stable for more than an hour or maybe an hour and a half.

What is this answer I'm looking for? Does IBT write it to a text file, and does it do so as it goes, even if the computer crashes mid-test?

HWinfo can do logging to file, which you can then open the resulting csv into a spreadsheet to look for any problems.

From what I understand IBT isn't really worth logging itself, it's just the source of stress rather than the thing that's failing. You're looking for a clue to which component (or components) is misbehaving to bring the whole system down.