Dead Pixels - Cool Randomly Generated Retro Zombie Game

Hey y'all, I couldn't find any mention of this, so I hope y'all don't mind the new thread for it. I read on Indie Games Magazine about a little game called Dead Pixels being released on Steam. It's a retro game (which is cool) about zombie (eh...not a huge fan) with randomly generated levels (sold!) that has you trying to get out of the city by surviving a certain amount of streets on the way, looting buildings, buying and selling stuff from traders and using cash from salvaged zombie hearts to buy stuff and also upgrade your character.

I'm sick as a dog today, and wanted something simple to play, so I gave it a shot. HOLY CRAP is it fun. It's a great mixture of loot chase and ammo conservation -- as you never feel you have enough -- plus lots of violence. There are a lot of guns and grenades to choose from, the interface is damned simple and it's just really a joy to play.

I therefore thought I'd share this tidbit with y'all. Enjoy!

Thanks for the heads up. I am going to go check it out now.

Randomly generated levels = check
Zombies = Check
ammo conservation = check

I think I am about to part with some money.

Yeah, I'm get weak in the knees at "randomly generated" anything, really.

Oh, FYI, the soundtrack can be downloaded for free! Neat!

Picked it up earlier today; definitely worth the 3 dollars.

What? Less than 10 posts? What the hell is the matter with all of Goodjerdom? Get on this game. Wakka wakka wakka.

This is the motherbomb of all zombie schmups.

Lucky Wilbury wrote:

Picked it up earlier today; definitely worth the 3 dollars.

The Steam sale has proven that most games are worth $3, even Darksiders (in-joke from the Video Game deals). How is it? What's it like?

It's a ton of fun!

Veloxi wrote:

It's a ton of fun!