Now you'll be dreaming of attaching pegs all night.

Once I have a piece of land to call my own, any Goodjers are welcome to take up residence. At the moment I'm scouting for any free places along a coast with mining available to set up shop. Not much luck thus far, Celebration is a lot more established than I anticipated. I may grit my teeth and make the voyage back to Independence, where the landmass is at least 2 times bigger.

There is travel between the PVE and PVP servers(There are some caveat's), so if you want to try out one or the other first it's an option.

Welp, I ended up settling on Release, didn't do a whole lot with a large chunk of land I settled. Now they're raising prices on gametime and silver to cover Swedish taxes. I'm out for now.

Druidpeak wrote:

Welp, I ended up settling on Release, didn't do a whole lot with a large chunk of land I settled. Now they're raising prices on gametime and silver to cover Swedish taxes. I'm out for now.

You can't boat to Release yet, can you? I re-subbed my char last month with some silver I had but haven't put much time into it in the past few weeks.

I did earn some extra silver using their Bitcoin mining app for a week or two. If I ever decide to come back I'll use that to re-sub

Yeah, release and pristine aren't reachable by the other freedom isles yet. Really enjoy the game, but I'm in an off time with it right now. So, I'll let things go until i get the urge to play again and rebuild.

I play on Serenity within the Epic cluster. Wurm is trying out magic on the Epic cluster. I am having SO much fun! I've been looking for a game for a long time to really sink my teeth into. I'm Babinka ingame. Amyone interested, come say hello

Perhaps it is time to rejoin and rebuild. Perhaps not. I may log in tomorrow though. They're testing out a new server that will have 64 x 64 km of area. This is compared to the current largest map that has 16 x 16 km of area.

Invitation to come test out the Mega Server.

Another "Mega Server" test today. They dropped it to a 32 x 32 km map. 300 folks on, and no lag. Rolf, the main developer, seemed pleased via his livestream. This will probably get pushed to release in the next month or so.

New Land! Pretty big deal in the Wurm world.

Land grab starts in 10 minutes. Folks are piled up at the portal with new characters to settle the new lands. It's closed to old characters for the time being.


Edit: Wow, resisted putting money on a new character...for now. It was neat seeing a world that as yet had not been terraformed or settled. It use to be that you had to be paying premium to be able to settle and create a village/farm/outpost, but now you can get a settlement deed with non premium characters. 10 silver for a deed = 16 euro.

Someone might want to throw them a second shield model..

Wurm is coming to Steam, and will also allow local play. Apparently you'll now be able to host your own world.


Nice! Depending on pricing/limitations, I will quite likely be in for that to piddle around in single player or a GWJ-specific server.

Via Wurm Online.

Releasing on the 21st, and they are saying there will be a 10% discount for the first week on Steam.

They're offering it for a 20% discounted preorder at their store(steam key emailed upon release). http://www.dlgamer.eu/wurm.html

It will be interesting to see how Wurm Unlimited affects Wurm Online's player base, looks like an interesting alternative though.

I picked up Wurm Unlimited during the Steam winter sale, and the majority of my gaming time has been spent there since.

It reminds me of the early stages of a telling of A Tale in the Desert. There is a lot of infrastructure to build, and a huge potential for Yak shaving. It doesn't have ATitD's technological progress though, where the new mechanics help reduce the grind and tend to reward smart play over grinding (or at least along side grinding). And, for me, thats ok ... right now at least, I'm not looking for much in the way of intellectual challenge while gaming, as I'm mostly in "oh-god-baby-wont-sleep-again-tonight" zombie mode while playing, so something deep but not overly challenging really fits the bill. I haven't done much with the combat system yet, though it looks pretty clunky. My focus instead has been becoming the ship-builder for the settlement I joined, and ultimately bringing in cash and good by selling ships.

I've been playing on Mythmoor as Hirokache, if anyone wants to stop in. It's one of the more populated servers, most frequently the most populated at any given time (exceeding the Wurm Online numbers at times).