Far Cry 3 multiplayer... Anyone playing?

I picked up this game yesterday. I knew I'd love the single-player (which I do), but I thought I should check out the multiplayer as well. Took a while to get into a match, but once I was in I liked it a lot! Good controls, great graphics, great sound, loads of team play... I've heard there are some issues with the party system, but I only have one guy on my friend's list that bought this game, and we haven't had a chance to test it out.

I'd like to find some teammates. Anyone out there got a copy and want to party up? (xbox 360)

Nobody?! Oh, well. It's a great game! Hope you all get to play it someday.

From what I understand, the main attraction is the single-player game. I've heard a lot of raving about Far Cry 3 but no one's talking about the multiplayer.

Out of curiosity, is there anything about the multiplayer that makes it particularly engaging or unique?

Probably the best thing about the multiplayer is the team play. They have "point-streak" rewards like most FPS games do these days, but the points you get to earn them mostly don't come from kills at all. You get like 5 times as many points from captures and revives and stuff like that. As a result, I've noticed a lot of people playing more objectively than I find in other games. Plus, the point streaks are not overpowered like they are in CoD. Other than that, like I said before, the game looks amazing, the gameplay (weapon feel, hit detection, movement, etc...) is great, and the sound is awesome. That's how it is on xbox, at least. I don't play on anything else.

I'd offer to jump into a game with you but I'm a PC gamer and don't even have FC3 yet.

It's basically just a good version of CoD / MoH with a wierd random element to upgrading gear via decoding match rewards.

There's nothing new here in the multiplayer. It's a fun diversion.

The main upside is co-op levels you up for VS multi as well etc.

The main downside is co-op is slightly lame.

The real main downside is the lag. I don't think it's putting us on dedicated servers....

Single player is definitely where this game's shine is. But multi isn't bad, if yer on a game without bad lag.

Yeah. I've seen people complaining about lag on the Ubisoft message boards, but I haven't had it at all. It's true that there is really nothing new added by this game, but what it does, it does well. IF it reminds me of any other shooter, it would be CoD4. It's not as fast paced, but the simplicity of it is refreshing.

To be honest, I get my multiplayer fix from Battlefield 3. I come to Far Cry 3 for the fun random single player actions.

I'd be interested in some co-op. I don't think the guns feel good enough for me to get into the competitive game.

I did try to get a match last night just to see what it was like and couldn't find one.

I've asked for this for Christmas and really the only online component I'm excited about is the ability to make your own maps and I am SUPER excited about that. I remember in the first Far Cry there was a guy that built this really elaborate ATV race track that had randomly placed mines and some of the shortcuts led to pits that you would get trapped in and it was a really fun time. Has anyone been able to confirm that this aspect is in Far Cry 3 and how well it is working so far?

I loved Far Cry 2, and I have FC 3 at home, and I didn't even know that 3 had MP. I knew that 2 had it, but I never touched it. As others have said, it's not what I'm here for.

I have it, add me my gamer tag is xxn00bpwningxx

pcarbone wrote:

I have it, add me my gamer tag is xxn00bpwningxx