SWTOR - F2P Updated Catch-all

I'm making a new thread to focus more on the F2P players that are coming in. I wasn't part of the original launch, so reading a lot of the original thread seemed a waste of time. Things are a bit disorganized, and I was hoping a new thread would help.

As far as I know, we're on the Jedi Covenant server. At least I hope, because that's where I rolled my light and dark side characters based on what I gleaned from the other thread.

Imperial Paper Pushers - Imperial guild
Contact Portabello in game for invite.

The Gray Council - Republic guild
Who do we contact for guild invites?

And character list:

Portabello - (Darth Nader)
Veloreyn - (PurEvil)

Velorayn - (PurEvil)

I'm currently holding the keys to the Imperial Guild, being I'm the only one in the guild that has logged on in the past few months. My toon is Portabello, and my Origin name is GWJDarthNader if you can't get me in game for any reason. I'll be glad to add you or anyone else for that matter, that is interested in joining or wishes to be the guild leader. I'll friend you in game as well.